Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tips for presenting your products at a craft market or show

First we covered tips for applying for markets, then how to prepare and then last week I detailed all the things to remember to take to markets. This week we are looking at ideas for displays.

Obviously working in marketing, I’m all about things looking beautiful but you need to carefully consider how you are going to display your products at shows or markets.

My Pinterest board – Inspiration for Market Displays – might be a good place to take a look and get some ideas for what would work for you.

My marquee display in November last year - white, bright and layered!

Look around your home – for items that could be used differently for displays. You would be amazed what you can find without spending any money. I use our fruit stand (pictured above) at my markets for my hair accessories, a can of white spray paint turned some plain wicker baskets into wonderful displays for my soft toys and a hanging rod I had bought a few years ago was great to use when I needed more space for clothes.

Consider your branding or look – for me I wanted to ensure everything was white as a background to my very colourful products. I have a white tablecloth, white clothes stand (that my wonderful hubby made) and the white wicker baskets. I have added touches of purple and green with my signage to match my logo. If your products are vintage or retro inspired products perhaps displaying them in a cute vintage suitcase would be better. Jewellery always looks fantastic displayed on black background. Do lots of research, look at how retail shops display things and make sure how you present your products is a reflection of you and your business brand.

Green Essence Candles understands the importance of using height

Use height to display your products – this is the biggest thing I have learnt in my time at markets. I kinda cringe when I look back at my first photos and I still think I have room to improve (isn’t that the great thing – you can just keep changing each time!). You need to ensure that everything isn’t laying flat on your table and that you have different levels. If you research there are varying theories around the ‘power triangle’ but start looking at retail displays or other stallholders that you think look good and you will probably see that they have tiers or levels that are heights – eye height to catch the customer, the next level to keep interest and then down to the table to look carefully.

Signage – make sure your name and logo is clearly displayed, that your business cards are prominent and that any information you have about your products is available for customers. Without the basics (what is it, how much is it and do I need it?) they may just walk away. Although provide a little and it might be enough to spark some interest in you or your display which will lead to a question and conversation.

Confession time - notice it all flat and boring? I have improved! (excuse the bad iPhone photo)
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  1. Thank you for these wonderful tips! I'm definitely going to check up your Pininterest board too for inspiration.

  2. There are loads of ideas on your Pinterest board, and your posts are very informative :)

    My first stall (well, half of it as I shared for a while) was simply embarrassing comparing to what I have now :) Some things you learn with a little bit of practice I guess :)

  3. You always make me want to sign up for a market, making it sound so easy. I said, ALMOST!!! I'm a queen of signing up for things that completely overwhelm me, I guess I should be lucky we don't have markets here.. but I would still love to visit one :(

  4. I love your suggestion to use the height of your display. To me, it's more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When I'm out and about, I'm more likely to overlook anything that is laid out flat.

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