Monday, October 21, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 1

If you missed my post on Friday - I planned out what I was going to make this week. Mmmm or my 'no worries, I can do this, pie in the sky, never going to happen' inspiration. 

The idea is that you spend just one hour a day making clothes for your children - that can include cutting out patterns and fabric although it seems most bloggers/sewists do that the week prior so they can just concentrate on making the clothes during the week.

Well I have an INSANELY busy week this week - working four days, out tonight with a friend, tentative plans tomorrow with another visiting friend, working Wednesday night ... you get the idea.

I didn't want to miss the fun though so I *may* have made a few things yesterday. I hope to do a few more this week but might not sure until next week.

Blank Slate Vintage V neck Tshirt

First I wanted to make something for my little man. I let him choose the fabric - this lovely soft red stripe knit. I recently ordered a swatch from Spoonflower of their new performance knit (here is the mini moustache). It is rather slippery to sew with so don't look too closely at that stitching. Master 7 loved the little mini moustache pocket though and that's what counts!

Blank Slate Vintage Tshirt

Not many photos of his face as he had a bad reaction yesterday (I think pollen?) and had rather swollen eyes. He was very self conscious.

This should have been a really quick sew but I was completely stumped on attaching the neck ribbing. Even asked hubby for help - mental note for future, don't bother! Then I had one of those moments. It all just made sense. Kinda heard the choirs singing - ahhhhhh. Got it! Thinking back, it is sort of obvious but I just didn't get it from the description or the photos. 

I bought this pattern with the Sew Fab Bundle a couple of weeks ago. One I have been looking at for a while so thrilled it was included. I will certainly be making a few more of these and Miss 4 has requested one too - love that she can look at this very boy version and see one for herself, in pink of course. 

See puffy eyes - my poor little boy
Pattern: Blank Slate Vintage V neck Tshirt (affiliate link) 
Fabric: Knit I recently bought from a friend packing up and moving to Sydney - yay!
Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): well I will say 7 but really it is easy once you work out the vneck which is not that hard lol 
Time: less than an hour - including cutting the fabric. 

A big size 7 but room to grow for summer

Learn more about Kids Clothes Week


  1. Looks great Jane. I love his posing and being inspired by boys clothes. There is not enough out there.

  2. Cheating!! :) Just kidding, looks great :) I totally WAS going to get all the patterns straightened out and fabric cut last week but life got in a way and it didnt happen. Hopefully I will get on it tonight!

    1. Totally cheating. There is just no way I could fit it in this week.

      Can't wait to see what you come up with. Even if it is just one thing, it is worthwhile. I was just determined to do some basics for the kids.

      (You have your settings on 'no reply commenter' so I can't email you!)

    2. Jane! You just blew my mind, I had no idea I was a no reply commenter and have been wondering how come nobody ever responds to my comments LOL my goodness, the more I do blogging the more I realize that I know nothing haha

  3. The tee looks great, love the moustache pockets! And don't worry, you are not cheating - I suspect most bloggers who do KCW these days make it all several weeks in advance and just schedule the blog posts to roll out that week. How else do they get such perfect photos for every single day? ;)

  4. Try starching slippery fabric before sewing it. It worked really, REALLY well with chiffon, I don't see why it wouldn't work on the performance knit.

  5. Posting again so Jane can tell me if I've fixed my profile or not :P
    Also to suggest that if your fabric isn't iron-friendly you can starch it the old fashioned way, ie mix up cornflour and water and soak the whole fabric in it, then let air dry (as opposed to starch in a can).

  6. hahaha sometimes I need to leave a project overnight and it all makes sense when I come back to it :)

    I don't pre-prepare for KCW. I had a couple of patterns outlined and cut out already as they are patterns I use to make things for sale, but the rest is all done within KCW. Printing/tracing, cutting - it's an annoying part of an overall fun activity :) KCW is not a race, it is the bestest excuse to not do dishes hahaha


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