Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 2

After seeing Ros from Sew Delicious's version of the Tumble Tee - I knew it was a pattern I wanted to try. And it was another that came in the Sew Fab bundle - so that is now two patterns I have made. Just one more to make the investment pay off (and then another 10 or so bonus patterns!)

Tumble Tee by Imagine Gnats

Ok bear with me as I get a bit gushy. This pattern is kinda amazing!! I really really love it (this was actually the third I made but the first I took photos of before my camera ran out of batteries, will share the others this week). 

Sewing with knits is only a new thing for me. It was a personal challenge I set myself this year. I'm working my way up to sewing something for myself (I have a couple of metres of the most beautiful Liberty knit - sigh!). 

The front of this shirt is a thrifted/op shop baby blanket (an idea from Ros). It had a sweet little corner section which became the pocket. I nearly wasn't going to put it on as it says 'Mommy loves you' (we spell it Mummy down under) but I think it is a sweet addition - do you?

The back fabric was another op shop find. Expect to see a lot of it as I have about 2 or 3 metres. Some of it is cut out already. I often wonder what the last person was making and if they would approve of how I'm using it now. It is quite a heavy weave knit rather than a light jersey knit. 

For this version I did the tshirt length but actually didn't hem just overlocked (serged) the hem so it is slightly longer than it should be. I also didn't colour block the front as per the pattern.

Stay tuned for my other versions - each different! Now that is a versatile pattern.

Close view of the pocket with the little bee - adorbs!!

Pattern: Imagine Gnats The Tumble Tee
Fabric: Both op shop knit finds - so I think this top cost about $1 maybe $2!
Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): Super easy - a 3 due to knit sewing being a little more challenging to sew with
Time: less than an hour - including cutting the fabric


Copying her brother's crazy poses!


  1. Lovely! Op shop upcycles are the best!!

  2. Love it! I have this pattern too. Cant wait to get the time to whip one up for Hannah.

  3. It looks really great! So versatile and quick isn't it? I have to go thrift shop hunting for some more baby blankets - the jersey is super soft and they've often been washed heaps of times making them even softer.

  4. Great job :) Knits do look a little scary!

    I love op shops for all the little treasures we can find :) Most of my buttons come from op shops for soemthing like $2 - $5 for a large jar. Even my 'new' sewing machine was an op shop find!

  5. Great idea to add the pocket, Jane and a cute, little top!!! Half an hour is super quick. I bought the Sew Fab bundle and hate to admit I haven't sewn anything yet, so I definitely haven't had my money's worth yet.

  6. Love the pocket!! Seeing Mommy spelled as Mummy always makes me giggle :) I got to try this pattern, I'm loving the Sew Fab bundle

  7. What a cutie pie! I'm yet to brave knits... I'm too nervous! Which is a shame, as I see so many lovely ones here!

  8. soo cute! I have the Sew Fab bundle too, and I've been making to make the tumble tee


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