Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pattern review: The Twirl Skirt by Lil Blue Boo

I was really busy last weekend (and will be working this weekend as well!) so I didn’t do any sewing. I had all intentions of doing a little crocheting and update you on that but didn’t even get time to pick up my hook.

So I thought I would go back and review the pattern which was my first foray into sewing with knits! I made these little skirts for Miss 4 in January (when I was home for a glorious 5 ½ week school holiday!)

The Twirl Skirt by Lil Blue Boo

I have had this pattern for a long time. According to my download – June 2011! Yikes. Now you know why I'm trying all these patterns - I have so many sitting around (for long periods of time) and really need to make them. It was recommended by a friend so I could try sewing with knits.
The pattern pieces are really simple – one piece to cut the four panels of the skirt and then the waist band. That’s it! It includes a stretch gauge which I found incredibly helpful to determine just how stretchy my knit ribbing was. It also has tips for sewing with knits (or unruly knits!), the type of stitches to use for a sewing machine or overlocker/serger, using upcyled tshirts, lengthening the pattern, adding a yoga or maternity waistband and more. Seriously – a very versatile pattern indeed! I learnt so much before I even starting sewing.

The pattern goes from 12 months to women’s sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. For Miss 4, I made the size 3T/4T (goes up in ‘even’ sizes).  She is such a skinny mini that the waist band is a little too big but that is probably more due to the stretchiness of the ribbing I used rather than a fault in the pattern (oh and just that she is sooooo skinny!).

This came together fast. Like really, really fast! I made two versions – one with the overlocking exposed and one with the seams inside. I used a combination of newly purchased knit and some old tshirts of mine. I’ve not really done much upcycling but I certainly will be looking at my old tshirts in a different way now.

Miss 4 loves these skirts. I specifically made them for her to wear to kinder and daycare and they have been fantastic. They are now covered in paint but I honestly don’t care – they both took about an hour to make and cost peanuts! She is still wearing them as it is getting colder over the top of leggings and tights.

Will I make this again? - absolutely. It would be cute to make skirts in team colours, Christmas themed ones, ones made from favourite tshirts (mmm I think the green love one pictured above is getting too small!) and I might even try some in a fleece fabric to see if that works for winter wear. It will be one I think I’ll be making for years to come so certainly fantastic value.
Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – yet again no. Simply due to not being about to source great knit fabric in Australia.     

Fabric: Jersey knit and ribbing from Spotlight plus upcycled tshirts of mine
Difficulty (1-10 scale  with 1 being easy and 10 hard): 3 only because you need to get your head around the stretch of knits
Time: Less than one hour to cut, sew and take a photo!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pattern review: Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover by Peek-a-boo Patterns

Part two in my plan to sew just one thing a week for my owlets and try to get through all the amazing patterns that I have (ahem!) accumulated.

I was so lucky to win 5 Peek-a-boo patterns from the Cass Can Sew blog. I had to comment with my favourite patterns and then they were the ones sent to me when I won. In some ways, I might have chosen different ones but you know I’m kinda thrilled to get what I selected because it has pushed me to sew things I wouldn’t normally – does that make sense?

So this week, I tried:

The Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover by Peek-a-boo Patterns

Love the simple combination

After making something for Miss 4 last week, I made a concerted effort to make something for Master 6 this week. I really need to make things for him more often as he just loved the attention, getting to model and having something made by mummy, just for him!

So one thing I have learnt in the first two weeks is that I really need to measure my owlets before I start to sew. I usually cut everything out when they are asleep though so it doesn’t always work out that I can!

Could he look more excited that mummy
made something just for him?
I made the size 8 in this pattern and it is really too big for my skinny 6 year old. I used fleece so thought it would be better to be bigger. Going over the top of other shirts in the cold winter months. It really is too big though however he can grow into it so better to be bigger than too small. If I make a jersey one for him, I will definitely go for size 6 (they go up in even sizes) so it is more fitted.

I was trying to get a shot with the sleeves up!

I’m probably going to start gushing now but this pattern came together sooooo easily. I already had everything cut out ready to sew together on the weekend (we were a little busy so I needed to find time) and it only took me about an hour to sew.

I thought I had sewn the cowl part wrong. It just didn’t make sense to me. I even started to unpick it and then realised that I had it right! I did add a little topstitching to help it sit down properly (don’t look too closely as it is a little wavy on one side – sewing with knit is hard!).

A little wobble on the topstiching

Will I make this again? - absolutely. The pattern is from size 6 months to size 10 so will get a lot of mileage from this one. I already have an order (from him!) for an Essendon Bomber style shirt, black with a red angled stripe (his footy team). I’m also curious to see if I can make this girly for Miss 4. Nice to have something that is just for him though.
Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? - unfortunately no. I just can’t source knit fabrics in Australia that I would be happy to use on something I put my name to.  

Always one silly photo to finish!

Fabric: Just a dark grey fleece and red jersey knit from Spotlight. 

I’m not really sure what I will be making this weekend. I better start planning!
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