Friday, July 24, 2020

Mask frenzy of 2020

Why hello long neglected blog. Life? Everything else just seems to be a priority before writing long blog posts that I'm not convinced people will read.


Then a worldwide pandemic happened and a week ago we were encouraged and then mandated to wear masks and suddenly my sewing skills (or skilz lol) were in hot demand. Overnight my entire business model changed from making children's clothes to sewing masks.

If you would like to order masks, please send us a message via Facebook with size, colour preference (or fabric choices you’ve seen here) and your email address for invoicing.

Our masks are two layers of 100% cotton (tight weave) with a pocket for a third layer filter. Please do your research to find the best option to suit you.

Also includes space to add a nose clip (twist tie or pipe cleaner). Especially good for those with glasses.

The elastic is loosely tied for your best fit. Tighten and tuck into the seam.

$18 each plus postage
- small to suit child to young teen
- medium to suit older teen and women
- large to suit men

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