Thursday, October 10, 2013

And the winners are ….

Ready for the Oscar moment (kinda feels like it with that intro!). The winners of the Funky Mister Shorts pattern giveaways are …drum roll …
Melissa aka Ms Midge  is the winner of the sewer giveaway – winning the pattern and fabric of her choosing (you have to let me know!). Her description was wonderful!

"Groovy shorts! Plenty of room in the pockets, for marbles, stones and rockets! "

The winner the non-sewer giveaway - a pair of shorts in her choice of fabric and sizing made for her is Vicki T who wrote:

"Large, easy access pockets, perfect for the treasures collected through the day. Can be made funky, smart, casual and with room to grow. "

Thank you all for joining. I think Holly from Puppy Dogs Tails has some wonderful writing to including in her promotion of these fantastic shorts!


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