Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little reflection ...

Ros from Sew Delicious asked me to participate in the Around the World blog hop. And if you go check out the blogger who nominated her, she tried to track the blog hop back to it's origins - very fascinating.

What am I working on?
Oh I wish I could say just one thing but I literally have dozens of projects on the go. Yep I’m one of those people. So to name a few:
  • Make it Perfect Uptown Girl jacket (really should get that finished before it is too hot to wear!
  • Make it Perfect Zip It that I completely modified to have no zip and all it needs is a button! 
  • Two different Debbie’s birthday dresses from Suz from sewpony
  • My July Lil Pip Challenge Strap Clutch
  • A gift for a friend from another Michelle’s Patterns. An old one no longer available (although probably in her bargain buys!) but similar to this Curvy Clutch. I have altered the pattern a little so will be keen to see how it looks when it comes together.  
  • And then there is the tub of projects to get to
  • And there there are the creations I need to start for my first market coming up Saturday 13 September.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
I think the biggest difference is that Lil Pip is two parts – the blog which is largely what I make and create for my two children and the business, which is predominately around local markets in my area, selling childrens clothes and toys.

Why do I write / create what I do?
There is just one simple answer to that – I’m inspired by my children and do it because I love it.  

My beautiful children - when Miss now 5 years was just 5 days - Credit: Kirsten Cook Photographer
How does my writing / creating process work?
Again it differs for the blog versus the business.

For my children, virtually everything I make is because they actually need it. So you will notice of late, that I haven’t made many dresses for Miss 5 – it’s because her wardrobe is full of them! I also try to make practical things like pjs and trackies that I know they will wear all the time – and they do!

For the business, it is very, very organised. I sit down with my business partner and we plan exactly what we are going to make, what sizes and what fabrics. Everything we do forms a ‘collection’ for the Spring/Summer season. I love setting up my market stall and seeing it all look so beautiful and work together. It pleases my eyes!
Lil Pip on market days
Hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me.
Next I'm passing the baton onto:
Amy from Ladybugs and Daisychains who this month is helping me host the Lil Pip Challenge. Thanks so much Amy.
And Jenya from While she was sleeping who makes the.cutest.clothes for her little monkey - always with a button since this is what Little Monkey loves. Jenya also does markets so we often chat back and forth about that.
So go check them out now and they will post their answers next week.

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