Monday, December 22, 2014

Last minute Christmas gift idea - with buttons!

This is something I've "been meaning to do" for ages. I've had the little 8x10 inch canvas' for a long time. When I friend sold (for free!) the buttons on a buy, swap, sell Facebook page, I snapped them up. She quizzed me with what on earth I was going to do with them all. So Alison - here is where half the bag went. 

I printed up the letters with a font I liked. Just roughly eye-balled the size. I wanted to keep a fair amount of white space around them so kept them small. My nephews share a room so I wanted them to match. Big enough for a wall, small enough for a shelf as I'm not sure where they will put them. 

I traced around the shape (you can still spy some of the lead pencil there in that photo. Shhh don't look!). I then put hot glue onto the canvas and stuck down the buttons. Much less tendency for glue seeping through to burn your fingers or show through in those little holes. 

I layered the buttons so the brown and darker ones were on the bottom and the blue ones are scattered on top. 

I love the end result - what do you think? Master 8 has requested a red fabric covered one with his initial. So that's a job for the new year. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

iPad cover for road trip

We will be going on a little road trip this year and I wanted an iPad cover that would be good for the kids to use. Thankfully this one came as part of my Sew Box Subscriptions package in December from Little Moo Designs

I did some scrappy quilting on the front - great way to use up little bits and pieces and chose fabrics as they are reasonably gender neutral for my big boy and little girl. 

I varied the pattern and used the elastic loop as I wanted it to be easy for the kids (pattern suggests a magnetic but you can use velcro too) and increased the size a little so I could fit the ipad with its existing cover inside.

Now for my failure. Yes I not everything is a success. I actually made a pocket on the inside but didn't factor that the iPad would get caught on it as you try to slide it in. And the cover is a firm fit anyway so it wouldn't have worked. A pocket on the outside wouldn't be fine and I think I will try it next time. (So no one look on the inside lining as I had to do a little unpicking and re-sew after and it isn't neat and tidy that's for sure!)

Plain but fun reverse side

Tick. Another item off the list!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pattern review: Molly Skirt by 1 Puddle Lane Pattern Studio

I’ve yet again put a little pressure on myself by making my two plus my two nephew’s outfits to wear on Christmas day. With my oldest being 8, I figure this might be the last year of being matchy matchy. And if I think about it, I would have hated matching my sister for Christmas but she is nearly 8 years younger than me so pretty hard to convince a 14 year old to wear the same as a 6 year old. However, everything is a little different when you are the mum!!

Excuse the temporary tattoos - thank the party the day before!

Molly Skirt by 1 Puddle Lane Pattern Studio
Ann from 1 Puddle Lane has been making gorgeous children’s clothes for many years. She then branched out into women’s wear under her label Audrey Lane. She then turned her talents into pattern design and let me tell you, after making this skirt – I’m totally convinced.
This skirt was her first pattern and she hasn’t stopped with gorgeous dresses for girls (next on my list) and women (yes I might make something for me!).

My version could quite possible be the more boring you have ever seen made but the boys are getting the same fabric in shorts and I wanted to keep it the same. I’m really thrilled with the results as I think it takes this quite simple fabric and makes the skirt the design feature.

Do you think she loves this skirt?!?

With a flat front, elastic back waist and the big sash bow, this basic skirt truly has a little wow factor. I can’t wait to try the variations with contrast hems and bands.

I made a size 6 skirt for my almost going to be 6 in February Miss 5. I really should have taken all her measurements first as she is probably closer to a size 4. I had to take the back in quite a bit to make it fit. Not saying that the measurements are off – she is just that skinny!!

The skirt is available to purchase online or hint hint, nudge nudge, sign up for Ann’s newsletter and you receive a free copy!! Wait – free. Woohooo!

Miss 5 LOVES the big bow!
Will I make this again? - absolutely.

Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – not at this stage

Fabric: Tilda fabric. It’s a solid very bright neon green that I struggled to match with anything but was PERFECT for Christmas skirts and shorts this year.  

Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): Honestly this is a great quick and easy sew. It is a step up from a basic rectangle using a few different techniques but nothing a beginner sewist couldn’t do. I say a 4 or 5 on my scale.  

Time: Took me maybe 2 hours including cutting the fabric.

(Lil Pip has received no payment or sponsorship for this review – I do it because I want to share my experiences)

And my outtake photos. Gosh she cracks me up!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick and easy teacher thank you gift ideas

After my post last week, I thought I would make a few suggestions on things you could make or do - quickly and easily!!

You could also check out my Pinterest boards - Inspiration for gifts or Inspiration for Christmas

Ros from Sew Delicious shared this tutorial in a blog tour I hosted last year. I still love this scrappy look and an awesome scrap buster. 

Scrappy strips zip pouch by Sew Delicious

Next I just adore the look of these cookies (biscuits!) in a jar from my friend Abby from Things for Boys. How great do they look and then you get to bake and eat them. 

Cookies in a Jar by Things for Boys

After a google search for a Pencil case tutorial, I discovered this one. Similar to the boxy style I've seen around that I would love to try. How amazing would this be for a teach with a few special pens inside.

Pencil Case Tutorial by Hamels Thread

Take a look at what my business partner, Bridie from Our Reggio Emilia Inspired Life and the other half of Lil Pip wrote about her teacher gifts - a very similar approach to me. 

Hope this helps in the last week of school (for most). 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Mum don't read this!

Got to be the funniest blog post title I've ever used! You know though, I bet she will read it. It is like a red rag to a bull or whatever that saying is. Especially when the preview picture comes up, she will wonder what it is all about.

Anyway, I was feeling inspired on the weekend and felt like quilting. I don't quilt. I'm not a quilter. But I just went with it. 

The red fabric is Home for Holidays by Riley Blake and came with my November Sew Box Subscription. The green is another Riley Blake - Christmas Candy and the green and red pop are also Riley Blake (recently made into peasant dresses for our markets). Yes I love Riley Blake. 

So I cut up my 6 inch squares and started sewing. No layout, just went with it. Pieced it all together, did some diagonal quilted lines (red one way and green the other, just, well... because I can!). Backed and edged with red spot fabric. 

I made it to go on the table for Christmas. Mum has a big table and regular size runners just look weird and skinny, so hopefully this is better. 

I might just send it off to her now so she gets the surprise in the mail and can use it before Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When did extravagant teacher gifts become a 'thing'?

Don't get me wrong, teachers deserve it. Actually even more so, teachers of my children. I just don't remember giving anything more than maybe a Christmas card to my teachers growing up.

Plain zipper pouches and an Open Wide Zipper pouch at the front left

Maybe it is just a crafty mother thing but I feel the pressure each year to make something for them. I'm actually happy both my owlets are at school now as it means just one gift each (last year little Miss now 5 had two kinder teachers and two daycare teachers!) but others I know also make and create for swimming teachers, piano teachers, dance teachers etc. 

This year I was asked to contribute to a joint gift for one of my owlets teachers. I have always given a gift of thanks to the teachers each year. But always something that we make together, handmade treats, little handmade decorations and cards. Something thoughtful and considered for the overwhelming wonderful job they do shaping the minds of my treasures. I just was confronted by an expensive and in my mind, not appropriate purchased gift.

Well anyway, not sure if this is extravagant but I whipped up a couple of zipper pouches on the weekend (my favourite tutorials are this one from Sew Delicious - thanks Ros and the Open Wide Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead). I need two but made five (there is another if you want to check it out on Instagram). I figure it is always handy to have an extra couple on hand. 

Inside they will have homemade rocky road - by my children and homemade Christmas cake. That's enough right? 

Are you making something as a teacher thank you this year?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Half Moon handbag for me!

My December Sew Box Subscription box arrived on Saturday morning and I was very inspired. There were four different linen fabrics and these beautiful wooden buttons. I didn't use the bag pattern included this time but it is next on my list to sew up. I've seen a few made up now and it is adorable. 

This bag is for me. Big enough to fit phone, wallet, keys and sunnies but small enough to throw over my shoulder for school pick ups. 

This birdy fabric was quite coarse and I was worried about it distorting as I sewed with it, so I used heavy iron on interfacing to stablise it. Teamed with a dark green drill this is the perfect structured bag - stiff but not too heavy!

Don't look too closely, I haven't slip stitched the opening yet!

This is the Half Moon Handbag by Michelle's Patterns. I think it is retired now (from her Keyka Lou days) but you might be able to still find it (I think she was selling a bundle of retired patterns). Regardless, I LOVE all her patterns. Quick easy and I learn so much each time. I just love the finished product. 

How lovely is this button!

Anyone making something for themselves this Christmas?

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