Thursday, October 31, 2013

I did it!

I didn't make any announcements but this month I have been doing Blogtoberfest. Basically the challenge is to blog every day for the month of October. What I have learnt:

I don't want to blog everyday. Funny but I just don't have enough to say. When you are mainly a creative/sewing blogger (which is how I classify myself), it is hard to maintain something interesting every day. Which leads me to ...

I have written some blog posts which I wouldn't usually and you have responded (yay) and I have written others which have fallen flat. As I was writing them, I kinda knew they were fillers. Like I was just writing them to tick that days 'did that' requirement. So now I feel a little more comfortable with sharing more but not everything!

I really admire those bloggers that do write every. single. day. Especially those that are managing a house full of kids too. Honestly I take my hats off to them. 

So consider that challenge complete and I will go back to blogging just a couple of times a week. When I have something exciting to say or share. And you know what? I'm pretty darn happy with that. 

I have a huge market coming up so I'm going to head to my sewing room (lol my bedroom!) and disappear for a while.

I will leave you with this amazing rose photo that I took this morning in our front garden. It looks like they are all ready to burst for Melbourne Cup. 


  1. Yay now you can take a break, well one for I pleating the challenge! Good luck with the market

  2. Very impressive. Well done for succeeding!!

  3. There is no way I could blog every day! Well done :)


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