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Ten things to include in your craft market or show survival kit

I’m not talking about your products or displays, I’m talking about all the extra things you might need or not think to take. A survival kit basically! I keep all my things in a little plastic box with a lid. It all fits in and I don’t have to remember where I put something on the day. I never take anything out so I just pick it up each time and know I’m ready to go.

A beautiful little display from Little Magnolia Button

Your business cards

There are plenty of options for designing your own or get a designer to make something pretty for you. Printing is super cheap these days. Make sure it has all your details on there – name, phone number, email, website or blog address, Facebook etc.

Postcards with pictures of your products are even better. I love giving out postcards so my customers remember who I am and what I do. I print small quantities and details of the markets I’m attending so they know where I will be next.

Pen/s and stock sheet to mark off items or a little notebook to record the details of what you sell and the amounts as you go. I also record the times I sell items (ie from 10am to 12 noon, 12 noon to 2pm and 2pm to 4pm etc) so I can determine what the busiest times are for me, when I can take a break or if I might need some help.

Plastic or paper bags for customers. I only have a small amount of bags as most people bring their own. Just be aware that some markets have a paper only policy so check before you purchase anything new.

Spare signage, swing tags, ribbon or price tags

I always clearly label and price everything prior to getting to the markets but it is amazing the amount of times I find just one I have missed or perhaps something comes off.

“Make sure everything's laminated in case you get poured on. Saves you redoing ALL your signs (learnt from experience!!)” says Tanya from Pumpkin Stitch.

A Lil Pip stall - notice all the tags and the business cards on display!

Stationery supplies such as scissors, calculator (I’m always brain dead by the end of the day), safety pins, elastic bands, Blu tack, Velcro, sticky tape or stronger packing tape and zip ties are always great to have in your kit. I once saw another stallholder taping all her little hat stands down on the table with clear packing tape and the first wind gust made me realise she was a genius!

“Sticky backed velcro I brought from Bunnings, for those signs that refuse to stay or anything really!” says Tanya from Pumpkin Stitch.

Baby wipes, bandaids (or sticky plasters) and pain relief for any quick clean ups, dust spots on the tablecloth or wiping your hands after eating. They are great for a quick freshen up if you need it. I always leave a packet of paracetamol (Panadol) in my box as it is amazing how often I end up with a headache by the end of the day.

Float and an apron, bag or container for your money – everyone has different requirements in terms of what they take. Make sure you organise it beforehand (nothing like the last minute dash to the supermarket the morning of your market). I always take exactly the same each time so I know exactly what I have at the end of the day. I have a small satchel bag that is over my shoulder all day (never let it go). I have a little wallet for my float, some lip gloss and my phone inside.

Food, snacks and water

Some markets you go to it is quite easy to buy lunch and drinks, others not so much. I always take easy to eat snacks that I can quickly eat when I have a few minutes spare. I feel like I’m a toddler as actually I cut up my fruit so that I can grab a bite rather than be munching an apple! Take plenty of water on hot days.
“A bag of lollies or mints. Nothing worse than someone breathing on you!” says Gill from Frilly’s Designs.
Don’t forget a chair, hat and sunscreen for hot days – being on your feet all day is tiring so give yourself a break.
“A chair! A hat! Shade! Something to drink! First market I did I came this close to passing out from sunstroke because it was 45 degrees in the shade and I had none,” Leigh from Sakurako learnt the hard way.
Finally the most important thing to remember to bring – a smile!

“A smile. It shows your friendly approach to interacting with customers, the appreciation you have for their compliments and the disappointment if they walk away not having purchased. It also encourages the next customer to look at your wares and hopefully leads to a sale,” said a Facebook fan.

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  1. I should add wipes to my kit! I also always have clothes pegs, safety pins, a notepad (so I can write details of all those lovely people requesting custom orders), a big clear plastic drop sheet (I do not have a marquee, and sometimes it looks like it might rain), and from now on I will be bringing a nana blankie on windy days :) oh ans more change and small notes than I would ever need :)


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