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Lil Pip Designs makes gorgeous creations for children, newborn to size 8 and sell online and at markets in Melbourne and Geelong. All of the clothes and toys at Lil Pip are handmade by Jane and Bridie. We love bright colours and practical but stylish designs and toys that inspire the imagination.

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The Lil Pip blog is an opportunity for Jane to have a creative outlet for everything she makes and creates for herself and her family.

From Jane:

"I've always found it difficult to write about me. Not that I don't mind talking about myself but rather, I don't know what you would like to read! So here is the basics but please feel free to ask a question and I'll add it here!

My name is Jane and I live in the inner west of Melbourne. I can now claim I'm in my 'mid-30s' and I'm pretty happy about that (ask me how happy in a few years as I move from 'mid' to 'approaching 40s'?!?). I've been married for 9 years to my wonderful, generous Canadian husband and I have two beautiful children - Master O who is 8 and Miss A who is 6 (and features in a lot of Lil Pip's promotional photos). 

I've been sewing since high school when I had the most amazing home ec teacher, Mrs Timms. She was a grandmotherly figure, who took me under her wing and taught me so much. She was patient and kind but also pushed me to do so much more than I ever thought I could.

I bought my first sewing machine a couple of months after I was married but it wasn't until after I had my daughter that I pulled it out again (and quickly realised I needed to upgrade). After so many friends asked if they could buy my creations, Lil Pip was born in August 2010.

I work part time in marketing (comes in rather handy) so my business works around my 'real' job, my family and my life. I now concentrate mainly in selling at markets around my area and am proud to be part of a committee that organises the Maribyrnong Makers Market (and you will find me blogging there too!). 

So that's me - if you would like to know more, ask away!"

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