Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kids Clothing Week - Day 3

The theme of this years Kids Clothing Week is art. I knew that I just wasn't motivated (or cool, or can't be bothered or no time) to get the kids to create any art that would then be transformed into an item of clothing. I suppose I could just grab a tshirt and some fabric pens?

Anyway my interpretation of this theme was to let my two budding designers, draw what they wanted me to make.

I planned to make Master 7 two pairs of summer pajamas and this is what he drew. I will have one of them to share with you tomorrow.

See that pair on the right - think black and white strips with skull sleeves.

Miss 5 kinda went nuts when I asked her to design her own. I used the GORGEOUS little paper dolls that Rachael from ImagineGnats recently posted. I see now she has a boy version.

It is no surprises that Miss 5 included lots of pink and while I didn't really follow her designs, what I made was certainly inspired by what she drew. Thanks to Rachael, she was also entertained for an hour or so, colouring, cutting and sticking them all together. I love that she has all the different hair colours (including mummies red hair) and that they all have pretty pink smiles!

So this was my inspiration. I will be back tomorrow to share more of my creations.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids Clothing Week - Day 2

This twirly skirt by Lil Blue Boo was the very first knit/jersey pattern I ever made (Oh my goodness take a look at how little my baby looks in those photos - ahhhhh!). She has virtually worn those two skirts threadbare so it was time for a new one.
Day 2 - Twirl Skirt by Lil Blue Boo
It was almost impossible to get a photo of Miss 5 not mid spin in this skirt. So apologise for the slightly blurry photos! Not a bad thing really. She loves it!
I used the same knit for the waist band as I wanted it all to be the same fabric. It doesn't have as much stretch in it though. Fine for my skinny mini but I will have to be careful in the future.
You can't see from these photos but I also did top stitching down each of the panel joins as an extra feature. Look, it counts ok! (Yeah likely I'm the only one who will ever notice).
This knit is from Spotlight last year. I'm hoping it will soften up with another wash. It is quite stiff. 

Not weird ballet moves - just mid twirling!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kids Clothing Week - Day 1

Kids Clothing Week seems to always come around at a time that is just not possible for me to be involved. I usually try to make at least one thing but the whole concept of 'sew for one hour a day for 7 days for your kids' is just lost on me with working 4 days a week, juggling basketball training, games, ballet or whatever else we have going on.

So this week I'm totally organised. Ok I may have cheated a little and made most (all!) of it ahead of time but I've at least tried, right?

Each day I will be sharing what I have created. All are basic, wardrobe staples as for me it was about maximising the number of clothes I could create (spending 30 minutes on some pjs or 3 hours on a dress???) and also I think Miss 5's wardrobe will explode if I make another dress (I did though). I'm also forward planning so some items are for now and some for spring/summer which (hopefully) will be here before we know it!

Day 1 - Ananda Pants by Chopstix Patterns

So day one, I share another pair of Ananda pants. I blogged a pattern review back in May here. I made two pairs for Miss 5 as she really loves the fit of these.

Showing off the roll over waist.
She choose this material herself from my stash. It is one I picked up from an op shop (thrift store) along with a bunch of other fabric for about $10 so these pants probably cost me about $1. Bargain! I made a dress last year for her with this as well, so I hope she doesn't try to wear them together as that would all be a bit too matchy matchy!

She does call them her 'dancy pants'!

Are you joining in with Kids Clothing Week? I can't wait to share all my creations with you.

kid's clothes week

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Collaborate for a Cause 2014 - part 2

I've already shared the first collaboration Lil Pip joined and here is the second one.

Lil Pip has joined with Ana, ma Petit Tresor, Kolo Ko, Letter It (Name Decorative Art) and love b to create a blue and pink Tilda collection is size 3 to raise money for Heartfelt.
Note our little model is just 3 (turned 3 two days after
this photoshoot) so the clothes are generous on her.
  • From Ana, ma Petit Tresor - Bay Dress with ruffled cap sleeves, scoop back and matching buttons in size 3
  • From Letter It (Name Decorative Art) - 20 x 20cm wall art piece featuring lace, doily, flower, feather, strings of pearl and ribbon
  • From Kolo Ko - Peplum top with zipper back in size 3
  • From love b - lounge pants with bow sash in size 3

  • From Lil Pip - A pretty dolly named Emiliana. She features a hand painted face, 100% wool hair and shoes, and cotton skin and clothing. Emiliana's skirt is removable. She contains small parts and is not suitable for children under the age of 3. Made using a pattern from A Bit of Whimsey

This year the auction will be held from 25 - 27 July. Head to the Collaborate for a Cause Facebook page to see all the terms and conditions, including informatin regarding registering to bid.

You can see more photos on the Lil Pip facebook page or the collaboration can be found (and to place your bid!)
here. Congratulations Bridie and all those involved in this collaboration - it is just beautiful!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fun


My dad was a travel agent until he retired last year. I used to look forward to him returning from all his trips with the little shampoo and conditioner bottles, little soaps or plastic shower caps. It felt like a special mini present.

When I was younger, I used to do the sweep straight into my bag as I left. Surely I was entitled to just take what was there. I paid for the room right!?!

Now I'm slightly more discerning now as I only use certain products. But if there is a little sewing kit - it's gone!

So do you take anything from hotels? .

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pattern review: Ceci Shorts by Petite Kids Boutique

Last year I made these shorts to sell, made up a few samples and took my professional ‘modelled’ shots. Then never finished all the sizes I have cut out (in fact they are still sitting in my to-do box)!! So I hope that with just a few hours of sewing, I will have a few of these to sell at my markets or online come summer and warmer weather.

In the meantime, I thought I would share so you can perhaps make them yourself.

Ceci Shorts by Petite Kids Boutique
Before I make any pattern, I do a search on google images to see what others have made. Not to directly copy, but more for inspiration. Have they made a dress with cord or denim and how does that look (sit, sew etc) compared to cotton. Or what variations, changes have they made to the pattern that might increase the scope of what I could create.
I did this for the Cecil Shorts and saw an example using Amy Butler’s Lotus collection – Wallflower in Cherry (plenty here at Hawthorne Threads). I had some in my stash and just couldn’t go past making them the same. So yep, I just copied the designer!! Whoops!

This pattern is available in size 12 months to 8 years. It has a separate pattern piece for the back and front – which means there is the etc room for the bum. It is a little more involved than a simple shorts pattern but that is what I was looking for. Some visual interest in for little girls shorts. My Miss 5 doesn’t wear shorts much so I was hoping the addition of cute little ties and big pockets would make a difference – and to her they did!

You can see the cute ties and pocket here! Love!


Will I make this again? - absolutely.

Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – I will have a few available via Lil Pip but my business partner has an even cuter pattern so I will leave the short creation to her from now on.

Pattern: Ceci Shorts by Petite Kids Boutique available via Etsy or Craftsy or You Can Make This
Fabric: Amy Butler’s Lotus collection – Wallflower and Full Moon in Polkadot in Cherry Hawthorne Threads or readily available online

Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): Quite an easy pattern but a little extra time in the details so I rate this a 4
Time: Allow 1 – 1.5 hours to whip this one up!

(Lil Pip has received no payment or sponsorship for this review – I do it because I want to share my experiences)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June Lil Pip Challenge round up and July Challenge

Eeekk half way through July already and I haven't done the round up - so sorry!

If you want to know more about the 'challenges', here are the links:

So here are few of my favourites from June. I adore what my next door neighbour, Em created with this cute deer flannel fabric (a Spotlight special for $4!). Check it out.

Marci from Stone Cottage Adventures created two cowls and here is my favourite - made from a couple of bandanas. What a great idea. Check both of hers here.

Finally, Amy from Ladybugs and Daisychains made a cute pink one. I really wish I could wear pink so I love this one. What a pop of colour for winter! Take a look.

July Challenge

The July Challenge is a slightly harder one (well compared to the 30 minute sew of the cowl scarf!).

It is the Strap Clutch by Michelle Patterns and I'm going to make mine to match my cowl with the cotton fabrics and thinking a dark green cord for a little weight. I have three different greens to choose form so will share a photo on Instagram tonight for votes on what works best!

Join us

If you join us, use the hashtag #lilpipchallenge in social media so we can follow you, join the Flickr group, use the blog button above and please link your blog post in the Linky Party below.

If you want to get prepared for future months (with fabric or pattern purchases) we will be making:
  • August - thinking we might make a skirt or dress but let you source your own pattern since everyone is different?
  • September - Crayon Art Folio by Gingercake or your own version depending on your needs. Could be a notebook style cover or recipe book cover as a Christmas present. Or a car caddy. For my Lalaloopsy crazy girl, I was thinking something for her to carry them out and about in.
If you have any ideas for future challenges, let me know with a comment. The idea is to be doing something different so it doesn't have to just be sewing related.

Grab the button for your blog too - link in side bar >>>

Linky Party

I thought was better to open up the linky party to be continuous rather than a different one each month. So add your links here and make sure you check out the other blogs!

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