Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What would you like to know about marketing, markets or business?

Previously, I have written some tips and tricks for markets that were really popular. 

You could also take a look at the stack of ideas for Craft Show or Market designs on my Pinterest board.

I've also written a few posts for handmade businesses.

I do forget to write about these things since it is my 'day' job (you know I work in marketing and communications right?!?) but they are really popular on my blog. Of course I can put a handmade spin on everything that I do at work to make it more relevant to you. I was thinking of getting a few guest bloggers in too.

So what else would you like to know about that I could write? Few ideas I had: 
  • social media (huge topic!)
  • advertising or sponsorship
  • how to write a media release and send to newspapers or online
  • how to write a small business plan (should do my own first!) 
  • building your small business brand

What else would you like to know? 

I'm not saying I know everything, I'm just sharing what I do know, learning more about what I don't or perhaps bringing in the experts!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Selfish Swap

When I saw the Selfish Swap from my friend Abby from Things for Boys, I just had to laugh. Then sign up! Abby is a crack up and this is totally her humour. 

So make something... anything... for yourself! 

My partner (wink wink) made this amazing (if I do say so) selvage/selvedge* hour basket (previously I have made a denim one). 

I'm told, that this took WAY longer than an hour. My swap partner planned to make this all along and then Ros aka Sew Delicious made one - SOLD! Plus provided a handy tutorial, too easy.

I love looking at the two different sides, remembering what I made (whoops, what my partner made, man this is getting confusing). Looking at what would now be OPP (out of print) and possibly sell for a mint. Some are from 2010 when I first started my business and some are recent purchases. 

I'm really not a pink person. Like at all. For me personally. But for my business, I use it a lot. Hard to avoid as little girls tend to love pink! I do make sure we have plenty of green, purple and red too. 

I wouldn't usually like something with pink in it but in this case it is showing all the beautiful fabrics and the cool selvedges.

So thank you swap partner. I absolutely love it. A home for my growing quilting fat quarter stash. 

[Finally, I now know - selvage is US and selvedge is British. Thanks Wikipedia.]

Monday, July 6, 2015

Strip baby boy quilt

I thought I would share a quilt I made a couple of years ago. I don't think I took any other photos than this one. I just stumbled across it recently and thought I would share it. 

Looking back, it is actually a really cool quilt. I know the mum I made it for (my best friend) loves it so I guess that's all that matters. Most of the fabric I bought from Spotlight and I literally just sewed together the strips at the different widths and did some straight line quilting. 

You can see that I took it to an embroidery place and had his name added. A cute touch don't you think?

I wanted something that would last for many years. Beyond the baby stage so I specifically choose graphic rather than 'baby' fabrics.

If you check out my Inspiration for Quilts Pinterest Board, you will see I have quite a few examples of this style as I really love the simplicity of it. 

I want to make one for my son but need it to be double size. Thinking I might do similar but create it into four mega 'blocks' and then rotate it. Make sense? Check out this quilt by Sew Its Finished for my vision!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ideas to make with ribbon

Is that like the worst blog title ever? Sorry about that. It's been one of those days!

I thought I would give you some more ideas on how to use ribbon. Most of these ribbons are from my Sew Box Subscriptions over a couple of months. Just supplemented with some I already had and some clips (either alligator or french barrettes). 

The tutorial for the tuxedo box is here.  

These will now go in my little birthday gift stash for future use. Well those that aren't nabbed by Miss 6. 

Owl tuxedo bow

Pretty pink tuxedo bow

Strawberry tuxedo bow
  • Red ribbon my own or try hot red or poppy red from Sarah Lauren
  • The strawberry ribbon is from the April Sew Box Subscription or browse the variety of printed ribbons to match your theme.
  • The strawberry button on top is from the April Sew Box Subscription.

Hope that gave you some ideas. I have a none hair clip related idea to share with you too. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jenya's virtual baby shower!

When I was approached by Alisa (A Stitch in Between) and Renee (Nearest the Pin) to participate in a virtual baby shower for the gorgeous Jenya from While she was sleeping, it took about .3 seconds to respond with YESSSSSS.

I knew instantly what I would make and send. Those who have been following me for a while will recognise my Boobook Taggy Owl. This is how my little business started. I designed and made these owls. Each and every single one is different. Every single one with a different name. 

Would you believe I have made over 200 of them now? I may have gotten slightly, ... maybe... a little bit .... sick of them. I have a few at home that are in various stages of production and I'm determined to finish them off. In making this one, I remembered just how much I did love making them. 

I'm also in the process of writing a pattern and tutorial to sell. What do you think? Would you buy it? Honestly it is almost complete. Must get onto that!

They are designed for babies but suit through to teething toddlers. A comfort, snugly with the soft minky backing, a toy to play with, a teething relief (ya know how babies seem to chop on the tags of everything!) and something lovely to display.

So a few details:

  • the back is beautiful soft minky 
  • the ribbons are all heat sealed, basted, sewn and top stitched - they aren't going anywhere!
  • the 'wings' have crinkle included so they make noise
  • perfect for little bubbas through to teething toddlers (and actually I have had some go to 5 to 7 year olds that love them and I know of a few hanging in some sewing rooms!)
  • they are machine washable - come on, we are talking babies here, they need to be easy care!
  • Why Boobook? You can find out the origin of the name here.

I'm so excited to be involved with all these amazing bloggers in the virtual baby shower! Go check out what they have made.
Now the only thing missing is a name - this is where you come in. Comment with what you think would be a good name for the little Boobook (notice the owl is gender neutral as Jenya has a surprise baby on the way!). 

The best, most creative name will get their very own Boobook (when I finish one! Eeekkk no pressure!). 

So Jenya, I hope you love your little Boobook owl and most of all, I hope your new little bubba does too. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

My pattern recommendations for babies, dress ups and toys

So I know this isn't for clothes (my previous ones for boys, girls and dresses was inspired by Kids Clothing Week) but I had a few other reviews lying around and thought I would do a round up of those. 

The Babies first toys pattern is awesome with 6 different patterns in the one bundle. Awesome for new baby gifts.

This Superhero cape is a free pattern and I've made it so many times. Perfect for those toddler dress ups and best suited for age 2 - 5.

This bowling set is really cute and great for rainy day playing. I need to add some weights to the bottom of my pins as my two kidlets seem to just use the ball as a basketball rather than a bowling ball.

I make these Toolset and Saw for my markets and they are a huge hit. Perfect gift for baby and little boys. Although my Master 8 and Miss 6 still play with them when they drag out the blankets and chairs to 'build' cubbies.

Tommy T-Rex Dinosaur is a great one for boys. The first one I made is still sitting on my little boys bed. It just seems to be the perfect size to snuggle with. 

I love the Tilly and Tommy Elephant pattern. They are like little pillow. Really popular newborn gifts.

This Ninja Henchman pattern is another great one for boys. While I don't seem to have many clothing patterns for boys (and tend to just keep making the ones my son loves), I more than make up for them with the different toy options!

Do you crochet? This adorable Crochet little girls purse can be made in a few hours.

The Baby Owl Ribbon Tag pattern will always be my favourite - come on, owls are just too cute!!

What would you recommend? What is your favourite go to pattern for babies, dress ups or toys?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kids Clothes Week: Day 6

And another pair of pajamas!

I'm not making excuses. The kids need them. They are quick. The kids love them. I love them. That's all.

PS - Another Spotlight end of season bargain last year. His choice at the time. 
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