Monday, April 29, 2013

Review and giveaway time

*** This competition is closed. Congratulations Trudie, Toni-Maree and Leigh ***
Audrey pop art dishcloth

I have this wonderful customer (and friend of a friend) who always comes to visit me at markets and after sends me the most gorgeous photos of her beautiful little girl wearing my creations (makes my heart sing!). So when she told me about her new business, I was only too happy to help out.

Monol Denmark watches
She offered to give me a dishcloth. Sorry? Um. A dishcloth! Not exactly exciting. Until you take a look at her website and realise they aren't just any dishcloths but pop art, retro, eco friendly dishcloths! Then I had the hard task of choosing. We don't have a dishwasher so this would be a well used item in our house. I had to get the beautiful purple Audrey cloth for me and the moose for my Canadian husband. Oh and throw in a purple watch because they are so cute!

Here is the before and after shots. I didn't even try to clean Audrey up before taking the photo (moose is yet to be used). I'm super impressed. The image is still perfect and hasn't faded or been scratched out. The cloths are great to use. They are thick and have a kinda bumpy side on the reverse side. Never gets slimey (or it is just me that ends up with gross cloths!!). Overall, very happy Audrey pop art, cloth using customer!

To celebrate Mother's Day in less than two weeks, we thought we would give you the chance to buy something minimal and Scandinavian for you or your mum. You can choose from cushion covers, table runners, kitchen towels and more.

Styles of Sweden can be found:

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surviving school holidays

I think I've survived. Just!

My wine consumption may have increased ever so slightly (mmmm a lot!).

My chocolate consumption has been insane. All in the name of helping eat the stash so the kids don't have too much.

But seriously we have had a blast. Lots of lazy days, with various appointments, catch ups with friends and different activities in between. I'm loving that tasty, healthy dinners are on the table every night. That both my owlets have embraced their chores with gusto (no seriously they are totally into it). As a whole our little house is happy and less stressed. Ahhhh and back to work next week. I'm very lucky with my job to be able to take almost all school holidays off (thanks mum for covering one!). I think they are perfectly timed to give us all a break.

I thought I would share one thing my son loves (particularly on these rainy, cold days). We draw targets on the mirror in his room and assign values (he he he secret maths work!). He loves Nerf and this is a great Way to focus his skill at shooting a mirror, rather than his sister.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mood board? Inspiration? New directions?

When I started Lil Pip in August 2010, I had a 3.5 year old little boy and a 18 month old baby girl. I had not long gone back to work just three days a week. Fast forward three years and I now have a very grown up 6yo in Grade 1 and a gorgeous princess who just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. I now work 4 days a week and my one "day off" isn't exactly a day for me!

My first product was the Boobook ribbon owl that I designed for newborns through to teething toddlers. I'm in the process of making this a pattern to sell now. I have a few other ideas and hope to release them this year.

I used to sell online, mainly Facebook. With all the changes now it is becoming harder to reach my likers and audience without paying. Fair enough, Facebook needs to make money (the marketer in me doesn't have an issue with this!) but it is really hard to use this medium as a business platform rather than a social platform (as it was originally designed for!).

So in late 2011, I decided to try my local markets - the Maribyrnong Makers Market. Despite being the worst weather ever (as in absolutely wash out), I did really well and was hooked. So I made the decision to stick with markets. It works well for me, I can plan around the family, sew my stock leading up to each market, go on just one day and not worry about chasing payments and posting purchases.

BUT (insert big sigh) my babies are getting older. Do I still want to stay in the newborn to 3yo space making toys and girls clothes? I've made more size 4 and 5 dresses and outfits this year and they are selling well, so there is a demand for bigger sizes. I'm realistic though. I know older girls probably won't want to wear handmade as it just isn't cool (hopefully mine will!).

I'm looking to change Lil Pip ever so slightly. Streamline a little. Take the business slightly older but still catering to the young market. Thinking 0-6/7 is a good space for me.

This photo represents a mood board of sorts. Some patterns I love, colours to use and looks to replicate. What do you think? Like what you see? I'll be working on this in the next few months and hope you enjoy what I create.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter (testing the Blogger iPad app!)

I hope you have enjoyed your Easter long weekend. We have had a quiet weekend. Spending time together as a family. Enjoying our traditional egg hunt. Eating lots of hot cross buns and chocolate (yum!).

I'm off work for the next two weeks for school holidays and hoping to do lots of crafting and sewing to share with you.

Photo of my two owlets with their handmade bunny bags I made a couple of years ago. No it wasn't that early, just overcast and the flash on my camera makes it seem darker!

Happy Easter!

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