Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another market done and dusted

Gee it takes me a week or so to recover from them but I love going to markets. This technically was my first sunny market! Every other one has either showered or poured. So yes I actually got a little sunburnt rather than wet ;)

Tiny little 2m x 1m space (still looks pretty right?)
I love having return customers (thank you x), I love hearing feedback from passers by and customers who are amazed that I personally create everything (thank you x) and I love the interaction with all the other stallholders (thank you x but not so much as that is where all my money goes LOL).

Boobooks flying in the breeze
My Boobooks are still so popular and I'm so glad. They are how I started and what I love so I'm glad others love them too. I'll be cutting out loads more over Easter so I have more variety for the next market.

I'm getting quite good with my set up each time. It is all about maximizing the tiny space I have. I'm hoping to get a little shelf built for the back of my table to elevate things up a little. It's all about handmade, so have given this job to hubby! Afterall, he did such a stellar job with the clothes rack and since we don't have much space (and rent!), he loves to get the tools out for little projects.

My table (have drawn a diagram for hubby
to build a shelf for the next market!)
This market was the first release of my new winter pinny. I just love this design with options for a round or square yoke. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the Virtual Market Night, Wednesday 28 March, 8.30 pm (AESDT) as a couple are on sale and the chance to grab a custom spot for one is too good to miss!

Owls, elephants, dinosaurs and my new winter pinny

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinterest reflections

There has been lots of discussion about Pinterest and copyright etc in the last few weeks. I'm ok with admitting, I'm a HUGE fan! I'm always discovering things on Pinterest and pinning to my hearts content from the World Wide Web. 

On a positive side, I have discovered blogs that I didn't know about (seriously how many are there?) and have loved reading and learning new things. These are blogs that I now follow and enjoy every day.

On a negative, I hate when I find something during a search on Pinterest and it is just a photo with no link to the original source or the blog/website not linked. So please make sure you do this properly so we can find out 'how to'!

I was thinking about all my pins, (how much time I waste te he he) and what I have been making. I thought I would share a few that I have managed to make with my own versions where possible.

So not a complete time waster! For the record, I have sourced the original blog/website but you can find them on my Pinterest page too!

Source Used the shapes to cut out cardboard crowns for Miss A's
princess party. The girls (and one boy) then decorated them.
Source I made paper garlands and hung paper lanterns and
tissue pompoms just like this for Miss A's party

Source Thanks to Martha (sigh) I learnt how to make the pompoms!

Source Made these as a gift for a friend. So lovely for a crafty person!

Source I'm slightly obsessed with Jess from Craftiness is not optional
I learnt how to do lots of felt flowers, just as she did!
Source Found Jess on another blog! Also made these for a friend
Source I made a cute one of these which my daughter now wears!
See - cute right!

Source Made these for Miss A's birthday party. OMG yum!!

I blogged about this here. My new winter skirts.
Source Gorgeous denim bibs with ribbon detail

My version modeled by my cute nephew (who was hard to keep still!)
So you see, it can't be a complete waste of time if I have managed to create all these wonderful things. Right?
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