Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make the Basics

This week I have been inspired by Toni from SewJereli who posted back in June about ‘Make the Basics’. 
Too often I think it is just easier to buy a $4-$10 {insert shirt or shorts or skirt or leggings etc} from a department store (plenty of options to choose from here in Melbourne) than it is to make the same item. Particularly when I know that Miss 4 will wear it to daycare or kinder and it will come home smothered in paint. All that work and it is ruined (not for her mind you!).

But then you see the tragedy that happened in Bangladesh earlier this year killing 1,000 people and the 'cheap' tshirt doesn't seem so worthwhile. 

Add the pure joy on the faces of my children when mummy makes them something, especially for my daughter when it is something she can wear to 'school' and I need to rethink my opinion.

So I'm joining Toni in the quest to make more 'basics' for my children. This week I have made:

  • Vintage V Neck Tshirt by Blank Slate Patterns for Master 7
  • The Tumble Tee by Imagine Gnats as a shirt for Miss 4
  • Two Tumble Tee's as little dresses for Miss 4 - will share photos if I can manage to take photos when it is daylight and not raining outside!
I hope to make the following in the next couple of weeks:
  • Vintage V Neck for Miss 4 - by request!
  • Figgy's Banyan pants (long short length) for Master 7 - another request!
  • Some pjs for both of them
  • Perhaps some undies
  • Perhaps another dress for Miss 4
 So who is joining me in - making basics?


  1. I certainly think twice now before buying super cheap clothes and try to only purchase at shops that have signed the Accord on Fire & Building Safety. The issue came to my attention when I last made t-shirt dresses for Dress a Girl and the t-shirts had come from Bangladesh... caused me to do a bit of research. It's a difficult situation and I have to say, although I have good intentions, I haven't followed through 100%. Good on you, Jane, for making some of the basics for your kids and for bringing the situation to the attention of your readers!!! I hope you have more success making undies than I did. If you want a laugh, scroll to the bottom of this post and see my failed attempt...

  2. Wow! You're sewing like there's no tomorrow...great work!


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