Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kids Clothes Week - my favourites

I still have to blog a couple more creations from last week (is it bad that I'm currently looking outside at the first sunshine in days thinking I can race home from work, rip off my daughters clothes, throw on an outfit and grab a couple of photos in the dying light? Nope, completely normal right!).

I thought I would share a few favourites I have found across the WWW!

I created a Pinterest board here (although I still need to add more - should have done this at the beginning of the week!).

Source Homemade by Jill - everything. I love the hand printed fox shirt (inspired!), the Banyan tee and the Bimaa top

Source A simple and beautiful knit peasant dress.
Source Sewpony such a simple concept but made amazing with the little ribbon and button and the sequin frill. Sigh

Source While she was sleeping created this sweet little dress - love the buttons
 Oh and every single one of the 32 (yes 32!!) items that Rachael from ImagineGnats created.



  1. 32 far out, gorgeous items from some very talented ladies, lol at your racing home!!

  2. Jane, I too have thoughts about changing my daughter into something mummy-made for a quick photo-shoot after work... so yeah, this is totally normal haha Thank you for featuring my dress :)

  3. Wow- there were some busy sewers last week! I thought I was doing well getting five things done :) Hope you get home in the light so you can get those pictures- it sure is getting dark fast these days!


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