Friday, September 19, 2014

Farmyard quilt - gift for a new little boy

I have these jet setting uni friends that lived in London for over 10 years, traveled the world and had an amazing life that I envied from down under. Then last year they had one of those mid life crisis (and there is a very good reason) and moved back to Australia and bought a farm in Tasmania. We visited them earlier this year and it is simply beautiful. 

Add to that two things I thought would never happen - they got pregnant and then married. Shock times two. 

I wanted to make them something special so raided my stash. I bought this fabric to make something for my nephew many years ago but then my sister put my two nephews into one room and went for more of a coloured theme so this didn't suit. 

I'm not a quilter. By no means. But I do enjoy it. If I had a preference, I wouldn't work with a panel again. This one in the middle was framed by a black and white checkerboard pattern which I hated so spent ages working out how to sew around and get rid of it. 

They didn't know if they were having a pink or blue bundle and I made this before he arrived. I knew they wouldn't want anything overly girly so I thought playing off the farm theme would suit them and give them a bit of a laugh. 

I probably should give you some details but that would assume that I got them before sending it off - whoops!

So - size is cot size ish 
The squares are all 6 inches
Quilted with regular old Gutterman thread (must get me some of that fancy stuff!) and kept it simple with some diagonal stripes
All the farmyard fabrics are from Timeless Treasures but about 4 or 5 years ago so can't find it anywhere now
Backed in the same tan and white stripe that is around the panel
And binded with that random leafy looking fabric!!

Next project/s is to finish the three half made ones for my own children at home!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The newly launched Sew Box Subscriptions

I received a message a month ago - would I like to review a new business called Sew Box Subscriptions? Um sure. Having no real idea of what the box would contain, only that exclusive preview boxes were being sent to Aussie Bloggers who love to sew. Yep that's me. Count me in!

Fast forward a few weeks later and this arrived in the mail.

I hadn't ever heard of a subscription of crafty goodness. A friend mentioned she gets one from the US and simply can't wait for Sew Box Subscriptions to launch as she would prefer to support Australian businesses (and not pay high postage!). 

I could barely contain my excitement (ie ripping open the box without consideration for the 'nice' photos I should probably take) but I held back and here is what I discovered. The white box tied up in a bow with beautiful wrapped contents. Honestly, it was like a birthday present!

  • 1 metre of Heathers Bailey fabric from and a 20% discount voucher off my next purchase - woohoo thank you!
  • Baby Toys Pattern by FLOSStyle - few of them (babies!) around so will come in handy
  • Gracelyn Dress Pattern by Gracie May Designs - gorgeous Miss 5 will love it!
  • 2 metres of Lace Trim Bias from Little Cherub Craft and Fabric Supplies - oh it makes my heart sing, so sweet. Love love love!
  • The perfect shade of Gutermann thread to match the fabric, some adorable little Crochet flowers, butterfly buttons and coordinating ribbon
  • Birch Magnetic Pin Catcher - wait up, they don't just go all over the floor?
  • Birch Wonderclips - which I have heard are AH-MAZE-ING according to my quilty friends

The box is not a kit to make something, more a carefully curated sample of fabric, notions and patterns. This suits me better as I hate to feel constrained to make something exactly the same but rather interpret what I receive however I want depending on what I need or want to create. Plus the box included items I have never heard of so how would I possibly know to buy them. Love expanding my sewing knowledge.

There are only a few days left to sign up for the October box and the few sneaky peeks I've seen look fantastic - a bright Spring theme.

Head over to Sew Box Subscriptions to sign up. Leesa even has a little gift subscription if you want to buy one for a friend or it would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift (hint hint if my family or friends are reading this!!).

So now that my market last weekend is over, I can turn my attention to making something from the box. I have a clutch pattern I've been asked to test - that would look sweet. Something for Miss 5, who always seems to miss out? Is it too early to start creating for Christmas? What would you make from this box?

I will reveal next week what I create, meanwhile the important stuff:

Sew Box Subscriptions - website, Facebook and following them o  Instagram and Pinterest. And is it value for money? Absolutely, there is over $60 worth of goodies here and the subscription is much less and includes postage. 

The box was provided to me to review - all opinions expressed are my own.

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