Monday, October 14, 2013

Little owl project

It may not be completely obvious but if you look around my blog or Facebook page you will notice I have a little bit of a thing for owls.
On the weekend, I went to a craft retreat with girls from The Sewing Sisterhood. I have met most of them before and the few I haven’t, I was really excited to meet for the first time.   
I'm so proud of this project and that I shot this photo completely in manual mode!!

We were all sent out a little selection of fabrics to make a token gift to swap over the weekend. I’ll admit that it was all very last minute that I ended up being able to go (hubby had to work and I managed to have the owlets looked after by an incredibly generous friend – I love the support of my besties!). 

The back with a 'personal' label rather than business one!
So just days prior I was scrambling to come up with ideas to make something to swap. Months ago I bought this little owl hoop art for my sewing room wall (lol aka my bedroom!).  I totally love it and thought that maybe I could do something similar ‘inspired’ by this. It also meant that I didn’t have to get my sewing machine out as it is all hand stitched. 

The fabric selection (plus the one from the back of the hoop)

I’m completely thrilled with the results and just wanted to keep it for myself (lol not the idea!). I really hope the person who received it will treasure a little piece of me and my obsession. 

With a little washi tape sewing themed tag
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  1. It looks beautiful Jane, well done!

  2. It's beautiful Jane I'm sure they will love it. I also love your washi tape tag it's a good match in colours :) very generous friend to mind the kids how nice :) (people tend to shy away from babysitting five I rarely have that ;)

  3. I love the owl, especially since the fabric makes it look like it's sporting a real sweet Tom Selleck mustache, which let's be honest is never a bad thing. And shooting in manual mode? Look out! (I have yet to step out of my comfort automatic zone)

  4. Fabulous fussy cutting for the owl's face! I'm glad you could get to the retreat :)

  5. That is a very sweet owl - my daughters would love it :)

  6. Very very pretty! I would have kept it! The tag is really cool too!


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