Thursday, October 17, 2013

Am I getting old?

This a blog post without pictures - so please stay to read my rambles.

I'm mid thirties. Well kinda on the slide to 40 but I will say mid, ok? I've been trying to do more exercise than just walking and running. Earlier this year I started outdoor training through my work. Like boot camp but they don't scream at me. I love it! I love the group aspect, I love the pain (yes I really do) and I love that I don't have to join a gym or find time in my crazy busy life, I just go one morning a week before work. 

Anyway, two weeks before the end of the first round I strained ligaments in my foot. It is an old injury and I have done it a few times. Two months recovery and lots of trips to the physio. Awesome. Two steps forward, twenty steps back. 

I survived the winter session with no issues but wasn't quite a full strength after the ligament injury. 

I started again a couple of weeks ago - the Spring session. Second week in and I injured my groin muscle (feeling a tad like a footballer!). So iced for two days and I was ok again. 

Last night I was walking in my back door, the screen door came back and I gashed up the back of my ankle. Blood everywhere. Swollen. Pain. It is still bleeding this morning due to where it is located the wound keeps opening. About to pop off to the chemist to get some butterfly strips to hold it together. So missed training this week.

So I ask you, am I getting to old to be flouncing about pretending I'm invincible and can do it all? Or is it just the nature of getting out there - you can hurt yourself!! Maybe it is more to do with the recovery time. I just don't bounce back like I did in my 20s.

Least I'm not going grey (yet!) or have any wrinkles (I think!). 

Hobbling away ....   


  1. Listen just do it, (says she who needs to lose a stack of weight) but my MIL rows the barwon river once at week gym every day walks her dogs twice a day and works full time she's almost 70! I need to get more active :)

  2. Unfortunately I think that it's all a part of getting older!!! lol. I'm 38...... and at times feel like I'm 68!

  3. I seriously don't think we could say you are getting old just yet, Jane. Looking from my perspective, you have a long way to go yet. I still do push ups, triceps dips etc, etc and I'm just a tad older than you... just a tad and maybe I have a couple of wrinkles and the odd grey hair (perhaps I need my eyes checked, too), but it doesn't stop me exercising and doing 6 hour stints in the garden. I had to give in to an injury and stopped Boot Camp early this year, but the injury has eventually healed and I'm hoping to go back next year. Yes, the older you get the longer it takes to heal (and you don't know the half of it yet), but if you don't use it, you lose it. Yes, get out there and do everything you want to do!!! Just be mindful of the fact that injuries will take longer to heal and stay alert when doing passive activities such as walking through doors. Hope the ankle heals quickly... that one made me squeamish.

  4. ooh, you're all so good! I don't do anything! Seriously, pushing the pram to the shops once a week counts as exercise to me. Keep doing it. It would be doing wonderful things for your body.


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