Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keep calm

My ever so talented friend Gem from Musings of a crafty mind strikes again. How cute is her take on a 'Keep Calm' poster. I just love it. Oh how I wish it would go viral LOL

You can find it on Pinterest here (Gem's page).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was rather curious today so looked closely at the statistics on my website. I thought I would have a little competition to see who can pick the product with the most views on my website. 
Of course this is likely to change as you all rush over to take a look but let me tell you there is one that is a clear winner and leading by a long shot so it is unlikely to change.

All you have to do is comment on this post with the product name by 5pm, Saturday 3 December. The person who is the first to pick the highest product or the one who is closest to the top (ie highest on the viewed list) will win!
The winner will receive a little pack of owly goodness - a hair accessory, card and an owl mending kit. Who doesn't need one of those right? A perfect little Kris Kringle gift.

Example of owl mending kit

Good luck!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New design + thank you

Very belatedly, I need to thank my gorgeous friend Gem from Musings of a Crafty Mind for my wonderful blog makeover. (She blogged here about it).

I'm slightly (very!) clueless when it comes to all things technical and asked for her help. Never could I have imagined something so wonderful (nor did I expect a full-blown makeover!). It is like she read my mind for everything - clean white space, lots of cute little owls (from the competition I had to celebrate one year of Lil Pip) and cute little buttons for the social media stuff. Woohoo it is all so amazing.

Oh and a special little button you can put on your blog -->

So thank you wonderful friend. I simply couldn't have done it without you.

PS Make sure you follow her blog, it is wonderful to see what she is up too. I'm rather proud of her latest adventure - doing the most, amazing course next year - all on craft and design! Can't wait to hear/read all about that.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 - what is a Boobook?

I regularly get asked the question - what is a Boobook?

"The Boobook Owl is the smallest and most common owl in Australia. It is dark brown above and rufous-brown below with white streaks and spots.

The face has brown disc and the eyes are large and yellow. Young Boobooks are whitish with dark brown faces."
Smallest Southern Boobook {Source}
Boobook nestlings (babies!) {Source}
So the name Boobook is not some random name I made up, but in fact is named after a real owl. They are so cute! I was a Girl Guide and Brownie when I was young and along with the name 'Brown Owl', Boobook was a common name. 

So do you think my owls resemble these guys? With a little flair of course!

My Boobooks!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 - words of wisdom

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new." Steve Jobs

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 - a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl

I'm very, very lucky to have a wonderful friend who is a photographer. We had a fantastic morning one cold July morning taking some photos of my two owlets for her folio (see them here).

So when I just had 6 weeks to go to get everything organised for my market and thought I should have something to give to people who come. I have business cards (check) but something else, something with a discount code ;)

Thankfully Mel came to my rescue when I asked if she had some nice photos of Sophia wearing the dress I made her last summer. Well she instantly went out and took these stunning photos of her princess wearing a gorgeous Lil Pip creation. Isn't she just the cutest - Sophia that is! Although Mel is equally as cute ;)

So when you come to see me at the Maribyrnong Makers Market on Saturday 26 November (cause I know you are right?), you will see these photos on my cards. I'm so lucky and so excited!

Thank you Mel x

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 - to markets, to markets - preparation

My market preparation is in full swing. I'm amazed by how much I've been able to do in just a couple of weeks. Started with pretty dresses and skirts and planning a lovely weekend with my owls this weekend. Oh how I love them!

Here is a few sneak peaks:
Christmas dress size 6-12 months - 3
Daisy Dot dress size 3-6 months - 3
(this one is the tiny one - so cute!)
Bobble skirt size 1-3 with matching brooch

I'm busy making lots of hair accessories to match as well.

So market goers - what is your most common size to sell or buy? I've been told size 0 (9-12 months) and size 1 are the most common? Should I be making more of them?

Right now I haven't made anything for boys (other than my gorgeous Boobooks). I'm feeling rather guilty and thinking I should make a few toys (with permission from the market organisers). What do you usually buy for boys at markets? What would you like to see more of? I'm making Christmas shirts for girls (seen here) but should I make something for boys too? I always feel like they miss out :(

See me at the Maribyrnong Makers Market on Saturday 26 November

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27 - Happy birthday baby boy

Two weeks ago my little, baby boy turned 5! Ok so perhaps he isn't a baby anymore but I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with how fast he is growing up and that he will be going to school next year.

It just seems like yesterday, he was like this:

A gorgeous little baby, always happy (ok perhaps my memory is fading of the bad times) and usually with a bruise of some description after falling over, again!

Big, big blue eyes, cute little dimples and a cheeky smile.

And now I have a grown up boy!

Early morning photos before opening presents

Small (!) selection mummy bought from Brunetti's
Happy birthday my gorgeous boy. Mummy loves you so much.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - Pin it Tuesday

Mulig from Ikea for my market stall

Beautiful, beautiful room - I want to do the dresser!

Christmas craft - perhaps?

Wonderful guide to surviving a market

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 - to markets, to markets

I'm not sure if I'm excited or just down right terrified and overwhelmed but I have just this week been accepted to my first handmade market. 

My Boobook ribbon owls will be available
I'll be showcasing my wears at the Maribrynong Makers Market on Saturday 26 November. That is just 6 short weeks to get everything together. Oh boy I'm going to be sewing and gluing up a storm in the next few weeks!
Jingle Bells embellished tshirts
will be available

Millie Mae pillowcase dresses will be available
in different sizes and designs
I hope you can join me (if you are local), even just a passing smile will help calm my nerves.

Right off to the machine ...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13 - making up words?

Do you make up words? Any special sayings or words in your house?

One of the girls I work with told me she didn't want to miss out on my next Boobook sale as she didn't want to miss out on any little treasures for her Grandfoetus! Isn't that just the cutest thing ever! I'm sure it isn't original but I've never heard it.

Here are a couple we say:

  • Scoochie (to move over)
  • Smoochie (big, smacking, great kisses - usually by me to the kids!)
  • Goats (ok not a made up word but it is my kids word for oats or porridge - don't ask!)
When googling 'made up words' I found the Unword dictionary! What a time waster that is. I just had to laugh at this Dilbert comic I found too. Sounds like a typical day in my job!

So tell me your made up words?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11 - Pin it Tuesday

I've fallen off the wagon. I had my parents staying over the weekend and a sick little boy (yes that is a week after a sick little girl). I had this scheduled for Friday but it didn't post. Agghhh technology! 

Perhaps this could be a regular thing for me? A round up of a weeks worth of crazy pinning? Here is what I'm loving right now!

I'm redoing my sons room in simply blue/navy and white with a few splashes of red. He is completely into planes right now and I think one of these would be so cute. Just have to find one!
A gift idea for my kids for Christmas. I love that you can select the age and either girl or gender neutral. I know my kids would love it but I think they could share? Maybe?

Kid Kit
A gift idea for my husband for Christmas.He is a keen gardener and a huge advocate of growing your own food. We have a tiny, tiny inner city backyard and I'm constantly amazed at what he can produce. It is absolutely brimming right now.
Messenger Bag
If I decide to make my own backpacks - surely this would be the ultimate source? Have pinned this in my 'how to'!
Free backpack tutorials

So that's what I've pinned this week. Do you use Pinterest? Are you a constant pinner like me? Do you actually make things you pin (I have!!)? I'm completely addicted to organising everything through Pinterest now. Most of my sons birthday party is based on everything being 'pinned'!!

Happy pinning

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6 - peace, serenity and a well deserved break!

I recently spent a day in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Only 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne, my girlfriend and I left early in the morning and arrived at the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa at 10am.

Hepburn Bathhouse entrance
We were shown around the facilities and given our robes and towels to use. Through we went, not quite sure what to expect. We spent the next two hours in pure relaxation heaven! We enjoyed the spa on their specially designed 'spa couches'. Slightly under water and reclined back, the couches have bubbly jets underneath that give you a hydro massage (or in my case, wobbled a lot of cellulite!!). We took a dip in the salt pool, sweated it all out in the amazingly beautiful smelling aroma-sauna and delighted over the monsoon showers - what I imagine standing under a waterfall to feel like. These two busy mummies, certainly came out of there on cloud nine!

The main public pool looking out into bushland.
We left the Bathhouse not quite ready for the drive back to Melbourne but feeling slightly hungry (actually very!). Off we went to The Convent Gallery for lunch. We shared a beautiful vegetable frittata with salad, turkish breads with dip and finished with sharing scones complete with jam and cream (the real stuff not fake!).

We had a leisurely stroll through the Gallery (no kids tugging at our shirt sleeves), looked through the Convent and the infirmary (which reminded me quite a lot of my first boarding school). I really would love to take my mum there one day as I know she would love the little museum in the basement aka 'the dungeon' which had a school uniform, history of the sisters and the convent and religious artifacts.

Unfortunately, it was then back to reality - the family. Well it was wonderful while it lasted.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 - my world

Photo by Kristen Cook Photography

This amazing photo hangs above my bed. I often stop for a moment to stare in awe at these two gorgeous little humans that I created. Then they yell, ask for a snack or demand my attention in some way and I come back to reality. These two are my world, my reason for being. This was what I was meant to do. I adore them both and I'm loving the little people that they are becoming.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 - make a runner out of me?

So my sister asked me last night if I would do a run with her. Sure I think. Why not. mmm then there were conditions - can't just be 5km, that's too easy. We have to work towards something. More than 5km but less than 21km (a half marathon). So 12km would be good? Yikes. Sure I think, while secretly wondering if I'm really capable of running that far. 

I started the couch to 5km iPhone app a few weeks ago. I'm going pretty well so far (but I'm only in week 2!!). Apparentely, just starting this makes me qualified to do a long run! 

So better start serious training. At least this will be the a) motivation to loose the last kilos 'hanging' around and b) motivation to actually get fit at the same time.

So can we make a runner out of me?

Anyone suggest some good runs in Sydney? (Can't do the City to Surf in August as I'll be working). We want a girly weekend away together, Sydney is the half way point.

Oh give me strength!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 - what a day!

So today I had great plans. The best intentions. Was so motivated. 

Nothing I wanted to do actually happened!
Miss A on a happier day!
Photo by Mel Riddell. Dress by Missy Melly.
I intended to go for a run/walk this morning (I'm doing the couch to 5k fitness program). We then had a birthday party to go to and I thought I would return and do a little creating. Some time just for me. After a week of hubby being away, I thought I could have a few hours of creative bliss.

Nope, didn't work out that way.

Miss 2.5 woke up this morning sick (I think the first vomit happened sometime during the morning). From when she woke up until late this afternoon, she vomited a total of 6 times. I kept giving her the hydrolyte icy poles (which she seemed to enjoy) and she just kept throwing them up. She didn't want to move any further than on top of me or beside me. I did manage to get her to have two short sleeps.

She is soundly sleeping now and I really hope she sleeps through the night and this was just one of those 24 hour bugs.

I always feel so helpless when my babies are sick. I really want to take the pain away and make it all better. It is so hard to explain to them when they are this little that it will all be better soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 - Does everyone appreciate handmade?

So I love handmade gifts. I appreciate receiving them and know how much love and effort has gone into creating it - whether it was by the giver or by someone else.

I try to give them as much as I can as well. BUT do the receivers love them as much as I do? Do they appreciate the hours I spend chosing the perfect material, sourcing the fabrics and putting it all together?

I know my crafty friends do but I try to give handmade gifts to my two owlets friends as well. It is certainly more economical with all the parties they seem to be invited too!

I've made a few of these superhero capes which seem to be well received. Does it depend on what you make or source? If it does look 'cottagey' rather than something 'cool' is it seen as being cheap?

I recently bought an AMAZING screenprinted shirt from Mister Mista (this one was for my little boy) for his friends 5th birthday. I only wish I had bought more! My girlfriend sent me a message a few days after the party saying she had to convince her little man to take it off after wearing it for 4 days straight! Oh now that is appreciation, right?
Mister Mista

 So what do you think? Are handmade gifts appreciated more than mass-produced?


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