Friday, October 18, 2013

Pin it Friday

Have you heard about the Kids Clothing Week Challenge? From 21 - 17 October the 'Fall' season for KCWC starts. The idea is that you spend just one hour a day sewing for your kids. Obviously it is Spring down here in Australia so my projects will be very different to those in the Northern Hemisphere but I'm going to give it a go. Oh and I will also cheat. Not a great start right lol. Its just that I work 4 days a week and my sewing room is my bedside table and it takes a lot of effort to take it all out once the kids are finally in bed at 8pm. So I'm hoping to get everything prepared, cut out and maybe started over the weekend.

Here are my inspiration for the two kids - Master 7 and Miss 4. 

I started a Pinterest board - Back to Basics as my starting point. Nothing fancy here people. I'm going with simple, quick easy projects.

Janey Jump Around Dress

Molly Skirt

Summer PJS

Tumble Tee


Vintage Tee (Source of photo here)
And most likely some more Funky Mister shorts.

Hopefully next week you will see some pictures of the results!

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  1. Lovely ideas :) All seem comfy and very wearable :) Good luck this week :)


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