Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 - what is a Boobook?

I regularly get asked the question - what is a Boobook?

"The Boobook Owl is the smallest and most common owl in Australia. It is dark brown above and rufous-brown below with white streaks and spots.

The face has brown disc and the eyes are large and yellow. Young Boobooks are whitish with dark brown faces."
Smallest Southern Boobook {Source}
Boobook nestlings (babies!) {Source}
So the name Boobook is not some random name I made up, but in fact is named after a real owl. They are so cute! I was a Girl Guide and Brownie when I was young and along with the name 'Brown Owl', Boobook was a common name. 

So do you think my owls resemble these guys? With a little flair of course!

My Boobooks!

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