Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13 - making up words?

Do you make up words? Any special sayings or words in your house?

One of the girls I work with told me she didn't want to miss out on my next Boobook sale as she didn't want to miss out on any little treasures for her Grandfoetus! Isn't that just the cutest thing ever! I'm sure it isn't original but I've never heard it.

Here are a couple we say:

  • Scoochie (to move over)
  • Smoochie (big, smacking, great kisses - usually by me to the kids!)
  • Goats (ok not a made up word but it is my kids word for oats or porridge - don't ask!)
When googling 'made up words' I found the Unword dictionary! What a time waster that is. I just had to laugh at this Dilbert comic I found too. Sounds like a typical day in my job!

So tell me your made up words?


  1. Snat. A cross between snot and spat to describe the act of coffee (or something) shooting out your nose when you laugh.

    Happens enough around here to be a word used often...

  2. I have a couple for you...."I've got a scratch" instead of I've got an itch or I'm scratching an itch....and my favourite one to use "toxothermic" meaning it's ruddy cold! Now that one I made up 100% ridgy didge! Oh and I even made up a whole language....Blondinese - basically means to speak in very plain simple English! Hugs Naomi


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