Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 - Does everyone appreciate handmade?

So I love handmade gifts. I appreciate receiving them and know how much love and effort has gone into creating it - whether it was by the giver or by someone else.

I try to give them as much as I can as well. BUT do the receivers love them as much as I do? Do they appreciate the hours I spend chosing the perfect material, sourcing the fabrics and putting it all together?

I know my crafty friends do but I try to give handmade gifts to my two owlets friends as well. It is certainly more economical with all the parties they seem to be invited too!

I've made a few of these superhero capes which seem to be well received. Does it depend on what you make or source? If it does look 'cottagey' rather than something 'cool' is it seen as being cheap?

I recently bought an AMAZING screenprinted shirt from Mister Mista (this one was for my little boy) for his friends 5th birthday. I only wish I had bought more! My girlfriend sent me a message a few days after the party saying she had to convince her little man to take it off after wearing it for 4 days straight! Oh now that is appreciation, right?
Mister Mista

 So what do you think? Are handmade gifts appreciated more than mass-produced?



  1. Happy Blogtoberfest!

    I think it really does depend on the gift; a am a great advocate for handmade but I think there is a distinction between "handmade" & "home made". Of course, technically they are both the same, but I put things like decorated craft blanks (name plaques, "memory" boxes) into the "home made" category & most thinks that require a bit more effort & thought into "handmade". Maybe that's snobbish, but I think there are a few people with similar views. Home made seems cheap, handmade seems special. I think I'm explaining that badly!

    Like any gift, a handmade present must be suited to the receiver, & if it is, then I think it would be immensely appreciated by most.

  2. Hi I'm visiting from Blogtoberfest. I LOVE handmade but I really don't think everyone loves handmade. I never make my sister-in-law a card anymore because she always tosses it straight in the bin with the scrunched up wrapping!! Right before my very eyes! My crafty girlfriends love handmade so I save my handmade love for them.

  3. I have recently started making and giving handmade gifts. I was a bit shy about my first few, but so far I've had really good reactions. I think it is extra important to match the gift to the receiver when its handmade. The exciting thing is that many of my non crafty friends are becoming inspired and are getting involved in crafting... look forward to more handmade gifts :-)


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