Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 - make a runner out of me?

So my sister asked me last night if I would do a run with her. Sure I think. Why not. mmm then there were conditions - can't just be 5km, that's too easy. We have to work towards something. More than 5km but less than 21km (a half marathon). So 12km would be good? Yikes. Sure I think, while secretly wondering if I'm really capable of running that far. 

I started the couch to 5km iPhone app a few weeks ago. I'm going pretty well so far (but I'm only in week 2!!). Apparentely, just starting this makes me qualified to do a long run! 

So better start serious training. At least this will be the a) motivation to loose the last kilos 'hanging' around and b) motivation to actually get fit at the same time.

So can we make a runner out of me?

Anyone suggest some good runs in Sydney? (Can't do the City to Surf in August as I'll be working). We want a girly weekend away together, Sydney is the half way point.

Oh give me strength!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm contemplating the C25K myself, so I will be interested to hear how things go. Good on you. Unfortunately I'm in Melb so I don't know any Syd runs :)


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