Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11 - Pin it Tuesday

I've fallen off the wagon. I had my parents staying over the weekend and a sick little boy (yes that is a week after a sick little girl). I had this scheduled for Friday but it didn't post. Agghhh technology! 

Perhaps this could be a regular thing for me? A round up of a weeks worth of crazy pinning? Here is what I'm loving right now!

I'm redoing my sons room in simply blue/navy and white with a few splashes of red. He is completely into planes right now and I think one of these would be so cute. Just have to find one!
A gift idea for my kids for Christmas. I love that you can select the age and either girl or gender neutral. I know my kids would love it but I think they could share? Maybe?

Kid Kit
A gift idea for my husband for Christmas.He is a keen gardener and a huge advocate of growing your own food. We have a tiny, tiny inner city backyard and I'm constantly amazed at what he can produce. It is absolutely brimming right now.
Messenger Bag
If I decide to make my own backpacks - surely this would be the ultimate source? Have pinned this in my 'how to'!
Free backpack tutorials

So that's what I've pinned this week. Do you use Pinterest? Are you a constant pinner like me? Do you actually make things you pin (I have!!)? I'm completely addicted to organising everything through Pinterest now. Most of my sons birthday party is based on everything being 'pinned'!!

Happy pinning

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  1. I go in fits with my pinning and you have listed some goodies here! coming over from Blogtoberfest.


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