Monday, June 3, 2013

Moments in time

Tea, scones and crochet - in bed!

Why is it that children seem to bring home germs but never get it as bad as adults? I've spent the last three days in bed and I'm still not better. 

I was so lucky yesterday when hubby took Master 6 and Miss 4 to the Melbourne Museum for most of the day. I was really able to rest and relax. I watched a movie (The Impossible about the 2004 tsunami tragedy - have you seen it?), had a nap and picked up my hooks for a spot of crochet. 

I will review a couple of crochet patterns this week. I had no energy to sew but loved making these granny squares. 

I think what I enjoyed the most was getting out my grandmothers teapot and tea cup and making a proper cup of (herbal) tea. Do you think having tea in a beautiful china tea cup makes it taste nicer? I have so much china I inherited from her and as I don't drink tea, it seems like such a waste. I really must try to use it when I have my herbal teas.

Stay tuned for my crochet update!



  1. We have been battling a week of illness in my house. First the eldest child, then me, then the youngest child, not once but twice. Being pregnant certainly hasn't aided the feel better days on my behalf!
    My partner seemed to dodge it till last night and then managed to keep the whole house awake most of the night with his 'oh I'm so sick'. He is just extra lucky that the world doesn't end whilst I'm sick for lord knows who would look after him when he was ill... He said to me this morning "I feel like I'm dying' I replied to him ever so kindly that if he were dying I'm sure he would do it much more quietly ;)
    I hope your feeling better soon :)

    1. I have to respond here as you are a 'no reply blogger' and I can't email a personal thank you!

      I love man flu - why is it that they are soooo much sicker than we ever are. Regardless of being as sick as I was I still got the eldest to school, prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner and organised the house as per usual!

      Oh the things us mums do!


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