Saturday, June 29, 2013

Freezer cooking

I know everyone leads a busy life but sometimes I really struggle with managing the work life balance. I just always seem to be racing out the door, dropping kids at kinder and school, rushing to work, being intelligent all day (which I clearly am wink wink), rushing out to get to the kids and home again in reasonable time to cook dinners, bathe them and collapse for a little me time somewhere around 8 or 9pm. 

As I'm home for the next two weeks for school holidays, I was thinking of doing a little baking and cooking to freeze for later. 

I love the idea of the 'crock pot' meals that are all made up, kept in bags ready to throw in the slow cooker without any extra work. Yay! Great for winter. 

My homemade folded pies. Kids loved them -
just mince, grated carrot, garlic, herbs, squeeze of tomato
sauce, gravy mix, water and baked for about 30 minutes
until golden. Not the healthiest but a special treat!

I usually make homemade lasagne, sausage rolls, pinwheels, bolognese sauce and pies but I will be researching some more options for easy, kid friendly and freezer proof evening meals.

In terms of baking, I make muffins and easy biscuits (recipes here) but again I will look at more variety. I love this date loaf and banana cake too. I'm not as concerned with this as much as I don't mind whipping something up on a Sunday morning for the week. 

Do you have any great freezer recipes you can share with me? I'm finding inspiration on the following websites and blogs:


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