Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to follow Lil Pip Designs

I'm sure you have seen a few blog postings around about how to follow your favourite blogs now that Google Reader is leaving us from 1 July. I thought I better make sure everyone is following me too!

Here is how:

Via Bloglovin

Follow on Bloglovin

You can find Lil Pip Designs here. I've been giving Bloglovin a go over the past few weeks as it seems to be the preferred option for the sewing and crafty community and everyone is raving about it. I do like the interface on the computer but I'm not loving the iPad app which is where I catch up on most of my blog reading (at home, lounging with a coffee or wine). I'm going to persist!

Via Feedly
follow us in feedly

You can search for blogs and add them to your list really easily. I have created all different categories - sewing, quilting, photography etc. I find it really easy to read - like flicking through a magazine. I have heard of glitches though so I might be missing some blogs or posts.

Via my newsletter

I'm not a spamming newsletter sender. In fact I'm rather slack. But I'm making a promise now - I will actively just send one each month to keep you updated on my favourite posts on the blog plus where you can find me at markets or new designs I'm creating. 

Via my newsletter

Then of course there is Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (mmm I need an Instagram button!) or the RSS feed. Click on the buttons above to follow me.

So please stay in touch! I'll make it worth your while.

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