Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chores for children

Do your children help around the house? 

I've seen lots of different chore charts and systems but I'm not really sure what would work for our house. We have a pretty busy schedule with me working four days each weeks. Perhaps we dont need anything more as what we are doing is working at the moment. This is what Master 6 and Miss 4 do to help:

  • make beds each day (bit hard for little miss as she can't actually get into her double bed without steps!)
  • clean teeth (ok not a chore but part of the morning routine)
  • pack school bags with lunch boxes, drinks, readers and spelling books if needed

  • put school bags in 'the spot' ready for the next day
  • put empty lunch boxes and containers into the kitchen for washing up
  • get pjs, singlets and underwear out ready for after baths
  • get school clothes out ready to get into them in the morning (this is really important and Master 6 likes to get dressed as soon as he gets up)
  • clean teeth etc ready for bed

  • Master 6 folds and puts away all his clothes, Miss 4 is learning to do this too and often helps daddy hang and fold washing
  • put away cutlery and dishes as required
  • setting the table for meals
  • make their own breakfast if possible
  • every Sunday at 5pm is getting ready for the week - playroom and bedrooms tidied, school bags come out of their rooms, clothes out etc. I don't mind too much over the weekend if there are toys and games left out and just focus on it all out away before the start of the week. 

So essentially this is what I expect from them. There aren't any rewards or payment. It's just what has to get done. We have introduced these things slowly though. Not just from nothing to all this. 

Chore Chart thanks to Tiffany Collins Design
School holidays are different again. Last holidays I gave them a simple chart (they each put it on their bedroom doors) and this holidays I will be using this one pictured above. I sat down with each of them to write on what would be good "daily tasks". I gave them the independence to decide when they did the tasks. The extra jobs included packing away toys, putting away their shoes (this seems to have resolved a huge issue of Master 6 leaving his everywhere!), returning books to the shelf etc. It worked really well for us. They didn't feel like I was nagging all the time and knew exactly what my expectations were and what had to be done by the end of the day. 

Do you do anything specific? Do you have charts or systems or just a set of expectations like me? Or nothing! Would love to hear what others do. I'm hoping this post doesn't make me sound like a cranky mum. I just think it is great to get every member of the family involved in helping!

If you want your own, just google 'free chore charts' and I'm sure you will find something that suits your needs or design tastes.


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  1. Such a great idea Jane, and you have inspired me with some things I can delegate! Apart from the help around the house and to make OUR lives easier, they need to learn independance and take responsibility for their own things too. Great work x


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