Monday, June 24, 2013

Pattern Review: Little Girls Purses by Barbara Bazzocchi Designs

Yesterday I did a little crochet and I thought I would share what I made

Little Girls Purses by Barbara Bazzocchi Designs

I'm new to crochet. Something I decided to teach myself a couple of years ago thanks to YouTube. You can see how I started here and I updated my progress including my favourite videos here. 

Well I'm rather sick of just making granny squares (although I really must finish the blanket!) so I have been looking for some simple patterns to try. Plus I'm trying to now teach myself how to actually read a pattern.

I found this gorgeous little purse pattern on Ravelry and thought I would give it a go. I started really well but my 'side seam' seemed to move in a little each row. I think I ended up adding a couple of stitches. You can't tell so I just kept going. I just couldn't master the handle instructions, so rather than 1 single crochet and then 2
single crochet repeat, mine just have a single crochet in each stitch. I can see now that adding the two would give the handle more curve.

I need to educate her on a 'nice' smile
This is a lovely little pattern that can easily be finished in an afternoon. They would make sweet gifts for little girls so I might keep that in mind for the next birthday party Miss 4 is invited too.

I would love to take the concepts that I learnt and make something bigger for myself. I'm kinda inspired to just go for it!

Will I make this again? - absolutely. I really want to master doing it properly. And Miss 4 has requested one that is just pink!

Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – no, crochet is just for me. 

Oh it has a button?
Pattern: Little Girls Purses by Barbara Bazzocchi Designs via Ravelry here or via Barbara's blog here.
Fabric: I used a 4.25 hook (pattern asked for 4.5) and I used wool from Spotlight (mmm I'll update tonight when I look at what it is)
Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): Since I'm new to crochet I would say 6 or 7 as some of the basic things weren't explained and just assumed you knew but for old hats, easy!!
Time: It took me just over an hour so I can imagine getting faster and doing it quite quickly. A very satisfying creation.

Why did she think this would be a good photo!

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  1. Love it Jane, you are so clever and its such a sweet little purse!

  2. It's cute! I love the colours you chose. I haven't tried crocheting in a straight line. lol... but I'm a master at making hats in the round!!

  3. That is so sweet Jane and I know one little three year old that would just love her Nanny to make one!! :)


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