Thursday, June 11, 2015

10 year wedding anniversary


I had this made by Prints by Stacy who was just awesome to work with. I've removed my children's names and birthdays so don't think there is big gaps she missed. 

I printed it and framed for the wall but I think I might try to get it printed on fabric and make a cushion.

I know you would probably just prefer to see photos from the day - I mean who doesn't love a wedding!!

I made all my jewellery and hair piece - and for my bridesmaids as well. 

I still adore the detail on my dress.

It wasn't until these photos came back that I admitted to actually having a little bubbles on the day - I don't remember even having time. (You can see the hair piece I made here!)

Like any typical bride, I had been resisting (ok limiting!) chocolate leading up so this was well deserved and appreciated!

We had our photos in Federation Square in Melbourne - plenty of time to stop for a coffee. So typical of the culture here. I needed the warm drink as it was a rather cold June day. 

This is possibly my favourite photo - autumn leaves and the Melbourne skyline. We didn't have a wedding photographer, rather someone I knew from work so our photos weren't really your typical ones!

That dress was super heavy!! I do bruise easily but actually had bruises on my hips by the end of the night. No one tells you that when you choose it!

I pretty much spent the whole day or at least the photoshoot - laughing.

My goodness I look young. Ya know, prior to kids and the sleepless nights and the 10 years of aging. 

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of me. 

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  1. You look stunning, Jane!!! That print would be lovely as a cushion. Happy Anniversary!!!


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