Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My (first) Hour basket by Kelby Sews

If you live in Instagram like I do (it's a thing right?) then you couldn't escape the new craze sweeping the world - the hour basket or one hour basket (check out #hourbasket or #onehourbasket).

I'm sure Kelby Sews innocently posted her tutorial in March, never realising the potential. But ya know, it is a really good tutorial. Great size and perfect for so many things. 

Here is the first one I made with denim that came in my April Sew Box Subscription box. I actually reversed the denim (a bag making tip I picked up somewhere - probably Amy from Ladybugs and Daisychains or maybe Emma from For My Little Monster on one of our sewing days - edit: it was Emma, thank you!!). I love the look of the grey tone rather than the regular blue denim look. 

Teamed with a basic black and white print, it is just perfect for my growing fat quarter collection. 

Just a few things I changed:
  • added a little strip of batting to the handles with a couple of lines of quilting to help those handles stay up
  • I added fusible fleece to the lining on this one rather than the denim, just to help with sewing
  • I also basted the handles before attaching the lining. Yes this extra step probably took me over the hour but it is how I make bags so a natural thing for me

So expect to see a lot of these - with a few nappies for the new mum gift, for my own sewing room, filled with toys for my kids or many other ideas!

Have you made one yet?


  1. Love denim inside out! Emma started the craze though. Love your basket, I need to make me some too

  2. The denim on the outside is perfect, Jane and the lining contrasts beautifully. You can never have too many fabric baskets.

  3. Love yours in denim :) I've made one too and have fabric cut out to make some for my girl's rooms ... all I need now is some free time in front of my machine ...

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