Friday, June 12, 2015

My pattern recommendations for boys

Kids clothing week is coming up in a couple of weeks. This year a travelling theme - which is awesome for the current northern summer but I might need to think of some creative interpretation for our southern winter!

kid's clothes week

I'm very excited to see Jenny from Mend and Make New - a New Zealand blogger is part of the blogger group this season. Here is her inspirations, more inspired by destinations around the world. Awesome!! I always, always Love love LOVE what Jenny creates for KWC so can't wait to see what she creates. 

To help me and you, I thought I would recap some of the reviews of my patterns. Not mine, ones I've made. 

First up, patterns for boys. 

I recently made this Tree Climber Hoodie for my little boy and he loves it. This is a great pattern for boys and girls. The Tree Climber Hoodie can be made with fleece or polar fleece.

The Mud Puddle Splashers is a shorts and pants pattern with lots of options to change it up a bit - can add cuffs, side pockets and back pockets.

These Alex and Anna winter PJs - made with knit - are on my to-do for both my kids. They seem to have shot up and don't have any that fit. They love designing them, choosing the fabric (as my little guy did with these) so it is a fun and very quick project for both of us. 

The Vintage V neck Tshirt is a really cool pattern. I think I'd like to go down a size next time for a more slim fit. 

The Funky Mister Shorts is available in a huge range of sizes. I made them with knit but the pattern is designed for cottons, denim etc. 

Oh look at my little toothless terror here. He has grown so much! This is the Varsity Cowl Neck - make sure you measure. This one will probably fit him well now. My fault for just guessing the size!!

Hope this helps get you started. More round ups for girls patterns to come. 

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