Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sew box Unboxing video

Each month I receive the Sew Box full of fabric, patterns and notions. It is a little like a Christmas or birthday present for me each month. For the June box, owner Leesa challenged the group to create an Unboxing video (or photos for the shy ones!). 

She inspired us with examples from The Plastic Diaries of the Marie Claire Unboxing and Baubles, Bubbles Bags three Unboxing videos

I'm never one to back down from a challenge. BUT I've:

  1. Never created a video before - how do I even do that?!?
  2. Never even put anything on YouTube!!
  3. Never shared a video of myself on the blog or anywhere - hello cringe worthy
  4. And add the pressure of the fact that an unboxing has just one take - you need to capture the first reactions as you open the box. Eeekkk

So I waited until the kids were at school, set up my iphone (hello my camera and tripod would have been better quality - doh!) and got going. 

I actually don't mind the end result. Sure it could be better quality but perhaps I should give this video thing a go. What do you think? I need to actually look at being a bit more professional. Ya know, edit, captions or whatever but hey you have to start somewhere right?

So if you have ever wondered what's in the box - here is my unboxing video!!


  1. Loved it Jane. Was a cute idea to get those boxes every month.

  2. Well done on your first video. Looks like a great box this month


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