Friday, December 12, 2014

Mum don't read this!

Got to be the funniest blog post title I've ever used! You know though, I bet she will read it. It is like a red rag to a bull or whatever that saying is. Especially when the preview picture comes up, she will wonder what it is all about.

Anyway, I was feeling inspired on the weekend and felt like quilting. I don't quilt. I'm not a quilter. But I just went with it. 

The red fabric is Home for Holidays by Riley Blake and came with my November Sew Box Subscription. The green is another Riley Blake - Christmas Candy and the green and red pop are also Riley Blake (recently made into peasant dresses for our markets). Yes I love Riley Blake. 

So I cut up my 6 inch squares and started sewing. No layout, just went with it. Pieced it all together, did some diagonal quilted lines (red one way and green the other, just, well... because I can!). Backed and edged with red spot fabric. 

I made it to go on the table for Christmas. Mum has a big table and regular size runners just look weird and skinny, so hopefully this is better. 

I might just send it off to her now so she gets the surprise in the mail and can use it before Christmas day.


  1. Really nice! Love love love the fabric! I'd have no such luck - my Mum subscribes to my blog via email! :)

  2. Love the fabrics and I'm sure she'll love it and will probably read about it too.

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