Monday, December 22, 2014

Last minute Christmas gift idea - with buttons!

This is something I've "been meaning to do" for ages. I've had the little 8x10 inch canvas' for a long time. When I friend sold (for free!) the buttons on a buy, swap, sell Facebook page, I snapped them up. She quizzed me with what on earth I was going to do with them all. So Alison - here is where half the bag went. 

I printed up the letters with a font I liked. Just roughly eye-balled the size. I wanted to keep a fair amount of white space around them so kept them small. My nephews share a room so I wanted them to match. Big enough for a wall, small enough for a shelf as I'm not sure where they will put them. 

I traced around the shape (you can still spy some of the lead pencil there in that photo. Shhh don't look!). I then put hot glue onto the canvas and stuck down the buttons. Much less tendency for glue seeping through to burn your fingers or show through in those little holes. 

I layered the buttons so the brown and darker ones were on the bottom and the blue ones are scattered on top. 

I love the end result - what do you think? Master 8 has requested a red fabric covered one with his initial. So that's a job for the new year. 


  1. This has been on my forever list too :), they came up beautifully.

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