Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pattern review: Molly Skirt by 1 Puddle Lane Pattern Studio

I’ve yet again put a little pressure on myself by making my two plus my two nephew’s outfits to wear on Christmas day. With my oldest being 8, I figure this might be the last year of being matchy matchy. And if I think about it, I would have hated matching my sister for Christmas but she is nearly 8 years younger than me so pretty hard to convince a 14 year old to wear the same as a 6 year old. However, everything is a little different when you are the mum!!

Excuse the temporary tattoos - thank the party the day before!

Molly Skirt by 1 Puddle Lane Pattern Studio
Ann from 1 Puddle Lane has been making gorgeous children’s clothes for many years. She then branched out into women’s wear under her label Audrey Lane. She then turned her talents into pattern design and let me tell you, after making this skirt – I’m totally convinced.
This skirt was her first pattern and she hasn’t stopped with gorgeous dresses for girls (next on my list) and women (yes I might make something for me!).

My version could quite possible be the more boring you have ever seen made but the boys are getting the same fabric in shorts and I wanted to keep it the same. I’m really thrilled with the results as I think it takes this quite simple fabric and makes the skirt the design feature.

Do you think she loves this skirt?!?

With a flat front, elastic back waist and the big sash bow, this basic skirt truly has a little wow factor. I can’t wait to try the variations with contrast hems and bands.

I made a size 6 skirt for my almost going to be 6 in February Miss 5. I really should have taken all her measurements first as she is probably closer to a size 4. I had to take the back in quite a bit to make it fit. Not saying that the measurements are off – she is just that skinny!!

The skirt is available to purchase online or hint hint, nudge nudge, sign up for Ann’s newsletter and you receive a free copy!! Wait – free. Woohooo!

Miss 5 LOVES the big bow!
Will I make this again? - absolutely.

Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – not at this stage

Fabric: Tilda fabric. It’s a solid very bright neon green that I struggled to match with anything but was PERFECT for Christmas skirts and shorts this year.  

Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): Honestly this is a great quick and easy sew. It is a step up from a basic rectangle using a few different techniques but nothing a beginner sewist couldn’t do. I say a 4 or 5 on my scale.  

Time: Took me maybe 2 hours including cutting the fabric.

(Lil Pip has received no payment or sponsorship for this review – I do it because I want to share my experiences)

And my outtake photos. Gosh she cracks me up!


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