Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweet Pouch Swap - reveal

This post is way overdue. Insanely so! But I think it deserves to be shared!
With Texas front and centre!

Back in January, Ros from Sew Delicious announced the third Sweet Pouch Swap (seriously if you want to be involved next time – sign up to her newsletter). I want you to briefly reflect on my madly signing up on my iPhone while on holidays!! I was so happy to get a spot. You can see here what I made last year and what I received.

Different 'patched' fabric on the reverse
I was teamed up with the absolutely beautiful Martha from Texas. I felt like it was fate in a way. Such kindred spirits! Martha’s day job is working in environmental education for her local town (I say town but I imagine huge, massive Texas style city!).  The brief was to create something for a greenie with a sewing room decorated in red and black.

Martha is a crazy busy person (yes another thing in common) and was running her own swap at the same time (here is what she made – wow!!). We kinda, maybe, might have agreed between us to be a little more relaxed with the deadlines hence why this post is so long after (I did send and receive it in April though). Martha’s sewing business is making zippered pouches. Seriously? The pressure!! No way was I going to make her a zippered pouch. What’s the point really.

I added an extra pocket inside
I decided to make another pattern from the Sew Fab Bundle last year. The LBG Studio Convertible Clutch. I wanted it to be the type of bag she could use for sewing bits and bobs or take out or use in her room. I ended up using the exact same material as I did for the swap last year since it was sewing themed and red and black. I wanted to add a little something for this Texas girl so grabbed a shape of Texas and appliqued it on. I don’t have an embroidery machine so I hope she doesn’t look too closely as I might have skimmed the edges a little and cut off a city or two!!

Martha’s beautiful daughter collects magnets so rather than a bag filled with treats, she actually had a Melbourne magnet, a Sydney magnet and an Australian animal magnet included. Those things are heavy so I didn’t include as much as I would have liked to. Of course the obligatory Tim Tams and caramel Koalas were inside!

You can follow Martha on Instagram. Blog or Etsy .

I’ll be back next week to share what I received.  



  1. What a great bag, hoping to join in the next swap

  2. haha - considering the pressure involved you did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing this cute bag - better late than never right?!

  3. Gorgeous! I love this bag pattern it's the first bag I made that felt "professional" I'm sure she'll love it. Magnets are a nice touch too


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