Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap received

This amazing little pouch just had to be shared. Since Kara (my swap partner) doesn't have a blog, I thought I would share what she made me! I shared the pouch I made yesterday.

My favourite colours are purple and green and I wanted something 'useful' that I could actually use rather than a clutch for example, that I rarely use now that I carry around the typical mummy tote!

When this darling little bag arrived I was in awe! It is just gorgeous and soooooo me! Each outer side has a pocket and there are pockets on the inside too.

It was immediately put to work to carry my little yoyo forms, fabric and needle and threads that I was using on the train on the way to work. It now has some felt flowers for making into clips. This little bag is multitasking!

This photo makes me laugh! I quickly took these photos when it arrived (before my Spring has Sprung blog tour) but I will admit now that there isn't much left. The first to go were the little Utah Honey Caramels. Yum! Next was the Utah Mint Truffle. Lovely! I still have most of the Sweet Afton's Creamsicle left as you really can only have a little tiny bit at a time. Man it is sweet!

I love love love it - thank you so much Kara x


  1. That's so gorgeous Jane. I love it. The sweets are very sweet from the US, aren't they?

    Anne xx


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