Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap reveal

I took part in the recent Sweet Pouch Swap hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts

Sewing theme inspired Open Wide Pouch
It was so much fun getting to know my partner, Kara from Utah - who isn't a blogger, so lots of emails back and forth and stalking on IG - and trying to work out what to make. For whatever reason, I decided to challenge myself by making a quilted Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch. You see, Kara is a quilter. I am not. Seriously, what was I thinking. Oh the stress! 

I recently had a week off from work and with the kids at school, I spent the better part of a day creating this. Ok I exaggerate, it was really more like a morning! But it was worth it. Something I don't usually make and a wonderful sewing challenge.

I used thick iron on pellon or wadding as I really wanted a quilted look but in future I would just stick with a stiff interfacing as it was so hard to sew through the layers at the end. I really hope Kara is gentle with it!! 

I just love how it all came together and some things that were a random surprise like the lines on the bottom shown in the picture above. 

Of course it wouldn't be a 'Sweet' swap without some sweet goodies. Kara and I discussed our love of local, more handmade chocolates and sweets and she certainly met the brief (I will share her creations tomorrow). I gave in to the excitement of seeing so many sneak peeks on Instagram and decided to go very Aussie! 

Kara has three little boys so I went with lots of little things in the hope she would get some too - the terribly Aussie much loved Tim Tam biscuits, some little Favourites chocolates (Flake, Cherry, Crunch, Moro etc), a packet of Life Savers Fruit Tingles and four little Carmello Koalas. 

I also included a packet of AFL trading cards for her boys to share. A little slice of Melbourne!! My son is completely obsessed with footy now and not being from Victoria originally, I really struggle to keep up! All I know is that I will be in big trouble if there was something special in that packet! 

I'm kinda have a thing for owls so couldn't help popping in the little owl coin purse. I hope she can find something little to keep in there. 

So there you go. Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Oh so sweet Jane! For a 'not quilter', I think you have done a great job with your quilted looking pouch. It looks beautiful and I must say, I also envy your fabric stash. It is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!

  2. Bet she loves it. I love the sewing themed fabric Jane.

    Anne xx

  3. Beautiful fabrics, Jane and I love how you've combined them. I was really happy with the Open Wide Pouch when I made one and am hoping to make more for Christmas.

  4. I am sure she will love it, and all the treats inside. Really like the sewing theme fabrics.

  5. I absolutely loved it! The tim tams were my absolute favorites, followed closely by the caramello koalas!

  6. Great job Jane...I have been a follower of Noodlehead for a number of years now... :)


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