Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is it just me ...

that feels guilty when I do things for me? I feel like everything I do is for my owlets. In some ways I've lost my own identity now. I'm so wrapped up in being 'mum'. Don't get me wrong, I adore the role and don't for a single second regret what I do for them, I just miss me a little.

Tonight I'm surprising my hubby with a dinner and night away. Can't give it away (no idea if he reads my blog lol) so I'll be back to share the details with you after. I'm so looking forward to 24 hours of peace. Ok I do intend on talking to my husband but he doesn't demand a drink of water, help to 'wipe my bomb' after going to the toilet (thank god!), complains about when dinner will be ready or wakes me up at some insane hour.

So why am I feeling guilty that we are doing something for us? And why should I? Shouldn't I be allowed to just enjoy this short time away. 

Right. Guilt trip over. I'm going to enjoy it and not think about them. Well not much ;)


  1. Guilt is a biatch. Usually we're only trying to meet needs that have been on the backburnrr for waaaaay too long anyway *sigh* I hope you have an awesome get away and manage to shut any guilt in a box... With a lock!

  2. Have an amazing time!!! I should do that kind of thing for my man way more often I think!

  3. Yes, ENJOY!!!!! (I know you did!) And guilt sucks, but then I wonder what in society makes us think we shouldn't do these things for ourselves? Everyone needs self-nurturing too - and ESPECIALLY marriage-nurturing! You do everything for your kids, you wouldn't 2nd-think taking them to the park or having some quality time reading with one of your children, so why should you about your husband? Happy Mummy & Daddy means happy family. Your relationship SHOULD be MOST IMPORTANT! So glad you're putting you and DH first and having some very special time together hun.

  4. Not so much guilty, more that I can't decide how to spend my me time, or I end up craving more!


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