Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blogs I love - Craftiness is not optional

Last week I shared a new blog that I discovered, this week I share one that I have loved for a long, long time.

Craftiness is not optional is probably my all time favourite blog. I have pinned practically all of Jess' tutorials and actually made many (shock, horror).  And yes, I have actually emailed her to say how much I love her (ha ha ha).

Jess shares many, many wonderful tutorials for free. Her blog is full of sewing, craft, parties and giveaways. Pregnant with baby girl number 3, I simply can't wait to follow her journey as she creates a new nursery and plans all the wonderful projects.

Some favourites that I've made are:

Source: I've put these on clips (so cute)
Source: I made these in red and green
for Christmas brooches

 Some I would love to make:

Source: I *need* to try knits (runs scared)
Source: I love the bow pockets!

Source: I want to make this for Christmas presents

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