Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our night away ...

So I seemed to get over my guilt pretty quickly last week!

I surprised my husband with a night away. I told him to take the Friday off work (so he knew something was happening), to pack an overnight bag with clothes and then I would send him details and instructions when he got into the city.

His manager was so excited, she let him leave work a little earlier with orders to let her know what was happening when he found out! How funny!

I'd organised to stay the night at Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne.  I wanted something 5 star luxury that wouldn't break the bank and oh boy I was not disappointed.
Watching the night fall overlooking Parliment,
heading up Nicholson Street
I guess it pays to babble about celebrating your 7 year wedding anniversary and having a rare (very, very rare) night away with your husband, as when I checked in they upgraded us to a luxury corner suite and delivered us a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

View of the MCG and the river
We took our time getting ready (including an uninterrupted bubble bath for me!) and then walked to our dinner reservation at Gingerboy. I didn't get any photos (too busy eating) but we both enjoyed the banquet having the crispy chilli salt cuttlefish, lemon and roasted sesame and the famous son in law eggs to start (imagine a soft egg exploding in your mouth as you eat it whole!), followed by roasted hapuka, bandit sauce, zucchini fritters, fennel and citrus salad, and the red duck leg curry, thai basil and coconut cream for main served with spicy green papaya salad with dried shrimps, chilli, mint and coriander and crispy fried sweet corn cakes. We finished with a desert share plate. Needless to say, we didn't do much more than taste each sample.

Our king sized bed
Thankfully, we didn't have far to walk back before collasping in our huge king sized bed (6" 5in Mr Owl enjoys the extra leg room). 

As check out wasn't until 11am, we took our time getting ready before leaving the next morning. I saw the cast of the Sunrise breakfast program arriving as we left. So cool to see 'celebrities'. (cough cough I don't actually watch it). Kochie is exactly as you would expect. Melissa Doyle is really tall and skinny! And Natalie Barr was there too. They had two hair and make up stylists and were off to get ready for another event later that morning. Ok, ok, I was eavesdropping the entire time! They seemed lovely and very easy going. Nice the think they aren't drama queens!

Caffe Panette in South Melbourne
Mr Owl and I then headed off to a favourite breakfast haunt that we used to go to all the time prior to children. We regularly do breakfast out with the kids but there is a lot to be said about breakfast without any interruptions, toilet trips, toys on the floor, slow eating, requests for more baby chinos and well, surely you get my point!

Hot coffee what a novelty!
After breakfast, we took a quick stroll around the markets and bought a couple of presents for the kids and a new hat for me (I'll show a photo in another post!). Then it was off home and back to reality.

Quick browse through the South Melbourne Markets
While we couldn't do this all the time (lack of funds and live in babysitter!), we are certainly planning to do this again. Maybe when Grammy comes to visit for school holidays again next year!


  1. Oh, all those things you dream of! Bubble bath, hot coffee, heaven! Looks like you had a lovely little escape. :)

  2. So good ! I didn't blush but I'm so pleased for you anyway !


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