Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My contribution to the 1 million kilo challenge

Remember how I join up for the 1 million kilo challenge? Well I realised today that I haven't updated you!

Since the beginning of the year, I have lost 5kg and dropped a dress size. I've now started another 8 week challenge with Weigh it up (who were the back end behind the 1MK). {ok you can laugh at my use of the words back end and behind!}

I have enjoyed the food immensely. I love the variety of recipes and I have tried so many new things in the last few months. I don't eat red meat so have just substituted chicken or pork when it was used. A few weird things though - they have included vegetables that are WAY out of season. Really bothers Mr Pip as we eat only in season, majority organic food and lots we grow our own. Also it is rather difficult to organise menus around my Master 5 and Miss 3. They have only had a few of the meals with us over the whole time. Yes it is painful but to be honest, I have enjoyed eating like an adult so that plus the positive weight loss results far outweigh any issues of cooking two meals each night.

So watch this space. I hope to reach my goal soon. Not sure if I'm prepared to show you before and after photos though!

For those that are interested, the team behind 1MK have started the 1 million acts of kindness.


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