Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is it just me ....

or do you get a little thrill when someone repins something on Pinterest? It isn't even something of mine, just something I have found! I seriously get so excited, perhaps thinking that I must have good taste, that I somehow have picked the next big trend.

Do you get thrills like this?


  1. Yes I am the same. I love getting lots of people repinning something I have. Doesn't happen to everything but when it happens I get a little smile.

  2. I guess because I tend to pin things from blogs or the net when I see them so I don't forget, they tend to be 'new' to Pinterest rather than something already there.

    I had one a week or so ago and ended up with 30 odd notifications. Wowee!!

  3. I get a bit of a kick out of it, even if it isn't something from my blog. Once I pinned something and within a minute I kid you not there was something like 45 pins! Crazy!


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