Thursday, May 3, 2012

May challenge

I was somewhat overwhelmed on my Facebook page this week.

I put out a challenge to my 'likers' to complete one single unfinished project in May. It was very interesting to see the responses. My favourites:

I'm going to finish the pram liner and pram sleeping bag I'm making for Miss Apple.

Karen from Appleseed

I am going to clean out the cupboards in the office! Better warm up the shredder :)

Anita from Winnie&Clem 

To walk every day. I'm climbing Mt Sinai in June...time to get fit! Rachel

Complete 2x3000 assignments! Kelly

My favourite though is:

Go on a cruise is the main one, but I'm also going to go horseriding, to a tattoo expo and hopefully fishing on a boat. Melissa

Enjoy that Melissa!

Now my own goal for May will be fun (I think!). I taught myself to crochet last year (below) and to be honest, I don't think I'm much further along than this photo (taken July 2011). Well I am, but I'm still at the "bunch of granny squares" stage and not at the "complete blanket" stage.

So my personal goal for May is to finish two granny square blankets for the owlets. They may not be big but I will finish them!

Off home tonight to crochet while I watch my programs!

Will you join me on the May challenge? Do you have just one single unfinished project that you would like to complete. Just one. Not all of them (!). Would love to hear what you will do.



  1. I have a scarf waiting to be finished. It is almost done, but thank you for the reminder:)

  2. What a great idea! I always have so many projects on the go, perhaps I should focus on one and aim to complete!! To actaully learn how to make a granny square is mays aim for me!......


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