Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Mumpreneurs

Did you catch The Living Room last week? 

They had a segment for Mumpreneurs which featured Mel from Cards to Keep. I kinda had a bit of a moment, like I'm connected to someone famous as I only just bought cards from Mel a couple of weeks ago. The only reason I haven't shared them yet is because I had bought two for my mum and mum-in-law for Mother's Day and didn't want to ruin the surprise!

The beautiful package I received with the gorgeous cards inside!

The cards are just beautiful. I asked Mel to send me three 'boy' cards as well as I never seem to have enough and I loved every single one she sent. Left the choices to her and they were perfect! It was great to send my handmade gifts to my mum and mum-in law along with a handmade card. Makes sense right?

Back to the Mumpreneurs segment ...

The tips from the interview (well worth watching in full as I have commented here rather than explained in full) are as follows.  

Research and diversify
Look at what the market wants. Consider higher priced items with higher profit margins. Perhaps look at complimentary products to what you are making. 

This is something I'm definitely doing at the moment. I guess that is why I'm taking a bit of a break from markets at the moment and hope to 'relaunch' in September. I'm really looking at how I can grow my business with my daughter. She is my main inspiration but I have so many products that are for babies and with her starting school next year, I'm not sure I'm really in touch with what is the 'latest' for babies now. 

Find new customers
Look at online stores that do the hard work for you. No fuss and more customers. 

This is something I have wondered about for the longest time and would love your feedback. I literally have $100s (probably $1000s) worth of product in my cupboards waiting for the next market. It seems like such a waste to just sit there when it could be online and making income. Like Mel in the interview, I really don't feel like I have the expertise to maintain a website (plus there is more involved in the marketing of that) and so I have been considering promoting through websites like etsy and madeit

What are your experiences selling online through these mediums - something I need to embrace and jump in the deep end with?  I think the other thing that is stopping me at the moment is the cost (and issues) with posting. I'm not convinced people will buy a little $15 owl if they have to pay $8.25 or $11.20 with a signature (registered) to receive it. It virtually doubles the cost. My products are easy to post like cards are.

Ask for help
Get support from family and friends to create your products. 

This is one that made me laugh a little. I would really love to be able to ask for help but with all my family living interstate it is a little hard. Yes each time my mum comes to visit, I usually have her cutting ribbons to match my little Boobook ribbon owls but sewing is kinda a solo job! I do have a girlfriend that has offered to help so I might organise a day/night with her and see what we could achieve together. I really find cutting everything out is the most time consuming task. I'm sure with wine as payment, she would love to hang out and at least help me with some of the preparations!

Congratulations Mel on looking spectacular and thank you to The Living Room for wonderful advice for us Mumpreneurs!



  1. Hi There,

    I am also looking into this at the moment for my craft.

    I understand your concern about posting your owls but look at the comparison, if you go into baby stores and look at their home made toys they range from $25-$100 so I would feel at ease about the cost of pastage because its not unusual. Aslo, it might be worth considering selling kits, normal craft fairs sell the pattern plus enough material to make it for around $30-$50 plus postage.

    Also, can digitise the pattern and sell that...

    Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks for your comment (you are a non reply poster so I couldn't respond to your email).

      I completely agree that by purchasing handmade, you are getting a unique, beautiful gift so it is well worth the money. It is lovely to put that into perspective - thank you.

      Yes I am in the final stages of releasing my first pattern (and already working on the second!).

      Thanks so much for your comment.


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