Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Market round up

I almost didn't post about this one, but you gotta blog about the good and the bad right?

My new marquee - so much space!
I went to Werribee Craft Market on the weekend. I was so excited to go to this huge market in such a great location (right next to Werribee Mansion - beautiful!). 

I was up super early (well 5.45 am) and out the door at 6.15 am. Had packed the car, my snacks and lunch the night before so it was pretty easy to just get up, dress and go. I even made my breakfast the night before.

My new bigger table (the one to the side is what I usually use)

I was all set up with time to spare by 7.50am. The market started at 8am. I thought that was rather early but who am I to question the experts! There was prediction of showers throughout the day and I think there was a few but otherwise it was glorious sunshine most of the day. There was amazing stallholders, creators, designs and foodies. So much to choose from. It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the wonderful displays of handmade.

Lots of new dresses

BUT people just weren't buying. There were plenty of people wandering around but just not buying.

Now I'm not sure if I should go back in December. Perhaps most people were scoping for Christmas but not buying? But it just doesn't make financial sense for me when I didn't even sell enough to cover my market fee. And that isn't even factoring in the cost of materials plus the better part of day away from my family, petrol etc.
Boobooks galore!

What do you think?


  1. I'm going to post this here. I had a reader email me with a response and I just want to clarify.

    This post was never intended to offend any of my current and potential customers. I was more thinking that perhaps I had done something wrong, that perhaps I have the wrong products for the market, that my prices weren't right, that I could have done something better with my stall layout. It was more a question of myself than anything else.

    It is soooo disappointing to come home from a market without anything to show for it. Was hard to not end up in tears, drowning my sorrows in chocolate and wine.

    I haven't long been doing markets and I need to assess what works for me.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. You are entitled to be disappointed - I've done markets where I haven't sold a single blessed thing due to hideous weather and its utterly demoralising. I think people don't realise that there's more to it than just sitting in a camp chair and having a chat while the money rolls in. There's the creating, pricing, marketing, packing the car, getting up at the crack of dawn, setting it all up, then being stuck in a stall all day, no breaks for the loo or lunch... only to have tear it all down again, pack it all up and schlepp it home. Its exhausting!

    Having said that - I'd say give this market a second go and see if its any better next time. If its the same result then I'd write it off as the wrong environment for your stall. Not every market suits every product and its smart business sense to realise that and cut your losses and move on to another location which does suit.

  3. That's it Leigh. I'm just disappointed. I'm such a self doubter that I'm questioning everything.

    I think I will go back. Hopeful,y I'll get some return customers.

  4. Having been to your stall at another market I can absolutely say that your products are beautiful, and there is an equally beautiful smiling face ready to greet and answer any questions. I think, unfortunately, some days are just off days. Of course they are so disappointing when you have put so much effort and time into them and of course they are going to cause you to question what went 'wrong'.

    Maybe let the disappointment wear off, give it another go and then make a decision about the market and if it is right for you or not (and vice versa!).

    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations at markets around Melbourne very soon

  5. I too am a market stall holder and have realised that some days you get lots, other days nothing? I think it's just the way markets go. Try and think of the positive though, you get to spend a day without the kids, showing off something your passionate about. It's a chance to talk to new people, get your name and beautiful creations seen and enjoy a day in the elements :) Hang in there :)


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