Thursday, October 11, 2012

Market round up

Gosh in the theme of being delayed, here is my market round up from my last market - the Maribyrnong Makers Market on Saturday 15 September. Although there were predictions of showers, the rain held off and and we had a beautiful day.

I was fortunate to have some photos taken by the very talented Narelle Browne (find here on Facebook here and online here).

I just love how bright my Boobooks look! I've made so many new ones - with different colours and designs. Certainly something for everyone here!

My new Spring/Summer dresses look so great lined up on the clothing rack.

I love my little Babuska dolls. I really should make some more!

But I think my favourites are the little taggy owls. Some have rattles and some don't - cause not everything should make noise. Don't worry they kind just tinkle rather than rattle. I don't think handmade toys should be loud and annoying!

Not to forget the mummies who visit my stand - a few pretty flowers, perfect to add to your hair or lapel. In fact, I have one on today!

My next market is this Saturday 13 October, 8 am - 1 pm at the Werribee Park Markets. I can't wait to set up in the shadow of Werribee mansion. What a setting right?


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